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  • Badger
    Welcome. Good to see more NC haunts represented here...

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  • terrorbythecreekgirl
    My name is Brittany. I have worked at Terror By The Creek since I was 11. (10yrs ago) I love every aspect of halloween, and start gearing up for it super early in the yr. I am learning how to do airbrush fx and prosthetics for this yr. If anyone has any advice about airbrushing, please let me know ur tips and tricks...I would greatly appreciate it!! Theres nothing like the smell of fog machines and chainsaw fumes on a brisk October night.

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  • Biohazard
    Hello everyone

    Hello im Drew, like you im a hallowadict. Im all about old and modern halloween tradition and find great interest in everything from werewolves, vampires, witches, ghost, you name it. But nothing compairs to my passion of the viral infected living dead. After years of making my own props and scenery i adventualy bought a gasmask, NBC suite, and an actual chainsaw and home haunted for a couple years. now im making my own haunted attraction in the front of my very own home. Its planned to be a CDC style evac/quarantine station. Before i didnt have the resouces or the money since im only 16, however i used to work in a good friends haunted attaction that unfortunatly had to end due to there age and his wifes heart issues. So they either gave me or let me borrow there props and equipment and allowed me to carry out the tradition.

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  • extreme evil
    A Haunted Living

    I am not new to the haunt industry but I am new to it as a business. I've been at it for about 10 years. It all started as a small graveyard and has morphed into a huge graveyard. Doing this for a living was my 13 year old son's idea. I love it. I can't wait to see the fear in their faces, hear their screams and hopefully hear them say "great haunt, we'll be back again".

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  • soulhasdied
    Hello Scott here from Michigan. Have worked at a few Haunts in the past.
    Currently looking for one to call home. Great Forum!

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  • DiscipleAaron
    Hi. Aaron here

    Hi Aaron here from Oblivion Haunted House.. I am one of the five disciples of Oblivion and am honored to be apart of the great team here. I mostly specialize in scenic design and costumes, but can pretty much do whatever needs to be done. I am super excited about this Haunt season! Also for next years transworld!

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  • Cutthroat
    Hi, I'm Richard, currently working ScreamS Halloween Theme Park outside Waxahachie, Texas.
    I play Captain Cuthbert "Cut-throat" Marooney, dead Pirate Zombie roamer.
    I used to HATE working Halloween, but now I LOVE the ScreamS!

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  • Octoberalles
    Name: Dave 'Boragus' Schlund
    Age: 30
    Where: N.E. Ohio

    Occupation: Professionally Employed

    Passion: Horror, Music, Haunts, Art, vicious twisted movies and puppies

    Experience: Manager of the Haunted Hollow in the early 90's, Founding Member of the Nightmare Society - Bloodview '96-'99. Worked for Monster Makers SPFX Supplies in Cleveland. Original Member of Demons of Darkness with Mike 'Pogo' Hach.

    Hi Guys and Ghouls, long time lurker, just recently decided to sign up and post on the forum. Hoping to open a haunt in 2012 and am hoping to network with like-minded haunters.

    Feel free to email or message if you'd like to talk shop!
    Happy Halloween!:twisted:

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  • spookyshead
    Challenging Venue

    I am the insane gentleman who thought opening a haunt inside a brand new $65 million dollar stadium last year was a good idea!................with his own money!

    Have a spooky day!


    Alex Shead
    Owner/Creative Director
    Alex Shead Studios, Inc.
    d/b/a Spooky Shead Productions
    T: 770-995-6285
    T: 866-348-ALEX

    "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function"
    - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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  • NightmareOnYourStreet
    My name is brady I work at a haunt called sloss fright furnace. i also make masks/ latex appliances. im working on props also. Love this place it is very helpful!!

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    Hey everyone: I've been reading the forums for a while, but only somewhat recently signed up (What was I waiting for, right?)

    By day I'm a haunt vendor (online ticketing)... but at night I morph into FROG ZOMBIE (haunt fan). I work with a ton of haunts and it's super fun - each haunt is unique, so I love hearing about what they're working on, a sweet new prop, new room themes, etc. (my current favorite prop are those inflatable airbags that you walk through - they mess with my head!)

    I visit as many haunts as I can (so the conventions are great for that) - but I keep toying with the idea of renting an RV and doing a haunt tour (I know that's not a new idea, but it would be a killer trip).

    And that's my story! Best, - Lee

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  • zombietoxin
    Up in the sky!
    It's a bird!
    It's a plane!

    Hello, my name is Rob and I am a zombie addict.

    If it weren't for this support group I don't know where I'd be right now... maybe out coping a chineese zombie corpse off some street corner, or main lining some walmart fog juice... who knows!? But now I have you. And you have me. So.... GROUP HUG!

    Well, long time lurker, and after a weird hitch, now registered (Thanks Larry!) fiend! I'll just cut out the mushy crap and cut right to the bone and say these forums and it's contributors are frickin awesome. So much so, you managed to bring an old zombie back to life!

    I did a 3 year haunt for our local city rec in the (at that time) empty city police/jail building, back in the 90's. Wow, that was a sweet, sweet deal, but they ended up expanding the fire department into it and I had to pack up my toys and go home. boo.

    Years passed, but not my love of halloween, so today I'm happy to say I'm getting back in! Unfortunately for me, starting my plans 11 months in advance wasn't enough to make the 2010 season, but it's on like donkey kong for 2011! You won't be able to see me until first quarter 2011 when comes online, but I'll be here asking silly questions, showing my paultry skills and peeping your ideas (ceilingzombie is watching you creatify!) until then.

    In all seriousness though, I am completely blown away by some of the private/amateur creativity I've seen here. And the pro's here (you know who you are!) show a personal interest that you don't find in many industries. I've been buying your stuff and listening to your advise...

    Oh and for the curious- Class of '85 here, and I'm in Kansas- The Wheat State! And we have lots of it too! I'm talking shitloads! You know that baloney sandwich you're eating? I probably wizzed on the plant that made that wheat in your bread, personally. Yeah... it's a lot... And now there is +1 Zombie and counting....:twisted:

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  • corpseguy
    Name: Joe Park
    Nickname:CorpseGuy - ( Given to me by a london Radio Presenter in 1999 )
    Occupation:Professional Costume and prop maker and concept haunt design
    Passion: Cookies

    Based in the UK, Our idea of halloween is slaughtering a Goat.
    I custom make costumes from fabric to foam, rubbers and plastics as well as props and displays.
    Currently am working on several Haunted projetcs for various companies.

    Am looking forward to chatting with some of you!

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  • deathofdave
    Name: Dave Shonk
    Age: 19
    Where: Stow, Oh
    Occupation: Art student at the University of Akron/ bus tables at Applebees
    Passion: Haunted houses and painting
    Hey everyone! I'm a long time lurker. I've been home haunting for past 6 years.
    This year I am opening my first attraction on the Rufener Hilltop Farms in Mogadore,Oh.
    I love the board. It's full of great info and people. Really helped me push the envelope.
    I will soon be posting a build thread ont the haunt I am building.
    Nice to meet you all


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  • OblivionHauntedHouse
    Name: Erick James Gyrion
    Nickname: Princess
    Occupationirector of Technical Theatre / Owner - Oblivion Haunted House
    Passion: Haunting / Theatre

    I have been a member for a while, just never posted an introduction!
    I have been haunting for a number of years, having done work for Terror on the Fox, The Burial Chamber and Shawano Manor/Green Bay Fear. This year, I am taking the leap and opening my own event, Oblivion Haunted House.

    Watch our progress as we post on the fright forum.

    Nice to meet all of you and thanks for the warm welcomes and kind words of encouragement!


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