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Distortions gives in to dog lovers... Check this out

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    What concerns me the most is that this has set a precedent and given this group of animal activists/extremists a victory. I'm sure it won't stop now, now that Distortions has empowered this group and the media has picked it up. Watch out for the next National headlines: "Animal Activists who WIN Animal Cruelty fight with popular TV show now turn their attention to the atrocities seen in Haunted Attractions". Just in time for Halloween.

    Of course, it could all be great for business.

    13th Gate


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      Bad publicity

      bad publicity is worse than no publicity... shrewd business move on Ed's part.... they've don't need any negativity in their lives or business, whether it's from 50 non-haunters or 50000 is what it is...


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        Way to go Doug! I knew without a doubt you'd never give in to them. You should make it the featured item on the front page of your website.

        I would if I sold props but we don't... but I would put it dead center on the front.

        Larry Kirchner


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          No body told Walmart they had to buy them so Morris should stop selling to Walmart. To think of how the few are controlling the masses in this country is a joke. Most people are looking for the extreme and this is why there is a demand for items like this. Do you really think that this item endorsed cruelty to animals? The top selling video games are all blood and guts, some of the top selling recording artist promote violence, TV is going to zombies and headless horsemen and if you think that Miley Cyrus is upset about the bad press, you are wrong. Go all the way back to Elvis, Tina Turner, The Beatles, Ozzy, Madonna, Mortal Combat, Grand Theft Auto, Reservoir Dogs. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Exorcist, Saturday Night Live, The Jerry Springer Show and last but not least The Howard Stern. Think about it Pee Wee Herman is even back. Extreme is the in thing and always will be.


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            unreal,so its okay to have electric chair props,children zombies eating brains,but not dogs????lol im a huge dog lover myself and this doesn't offend me,what offends me is attention whores with nothing better to do then start drama with haunters


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              These aren't dog lovers, they're just narrow-minded people who like to squash things for other people because they feel like they can. They're just like the idiots from the Westboro Baptist church. It may have nothing to do with them, but they can't wait to make other people's lives miserable so they jump on the "offended" bandwagon. I have two dogs and love them to death and we sold this prop on our site. I didn't find it offensive - it has nothing to do with real dogs. These people should stop their protesting and step up to the plate and help real animals that have been abused - adopt a dog, donate to a shelter. Not complain about a rubber prop.

              Considering this prop came out last year and none of us ever heard a complaint about it, NONE of these protesters are our type of Halloween customers anyway.


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                You may be missing part of big picture

                In U.S. agriculture we deal with these animal extremists all the time. You see these extremists go as far as threats to burn your business to the ground, bodily harm, etc. Many years ago they torched part of Ag hall at Michigan State University. There are thousands of farms across the is not to much of a target over another. But a prop builder with a tv show....they are probably salivating and drawing straws to see who gets to do the first dirty deed and be a "hero" for their cause. I have seen the destruction radicals do first hand. So maybe cut Ed a little slack...unless you want to pull midnight watch duty with your Glock 365 a year. He was in a no win situation when you are dealing with finatics.

                Wicked Farmer -GMO Farmer-- loaded and one in the pipe.


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                  Frightprops gets 50 emails yesterday...

                  If you missed that part go back and read Doug's posting....50 nasty emails in one day. These extremists and others who are closely related are well connected. Even more so than we are on the forum here. The sky is the limit to what they would do. They turn rabid in their groups with a pack mentality and nothing is wrong in their eyes. Ends justify the means. I would not be displaying that prop this year if you have one. Yes it might get you on the news. It might also get you on the news with fire trucks at 4:30 am a few days later. But I brought home the "Burning Man" barrel prop Distortions had on the show floor of Transworld this year. That of course is ok.

                  Wicked Farmer