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    another newbie

    Name: Ron Case
    Age: 32
    Location: Yukon, Oklahoma

    i have been doing a yard haunt for the last 10 years. ilive near an elementary school and a middle school. i have a 3 yr old princess who is my tester to seeif something is too scary. (like my $300 animated GEMMY witch that she named "Alice" last year is too scary this year!) i perfer spooky instead of gory. gory is too easy. i imagine it will be added as she gets older. her b day is 10-21 so she wil have some awesome parties over fall break. Misty is my other half, at first she was opposed to decorating for halloween but now she comes up with ideas.

    i grew up in so. cal... 15 min from Disneyland... i am in love with the haunted mansion and pirates of the carriben rides... being in so. cal i also fell in love with Knott's Scary (Berry) Farm i think that is where i got bitten by the haunt bug.

    my projectsthis year include:
    a haunted mirror- mirror tinted plexi glass in old frame w/ tv playing big scream tv DVD
    outdoor flying axworthy type ghost on a track
    crystal ball w/ color changing led
    pumpkin lights- malibu yard lights w/ 97cent plastic pumpkins on them
    lighting as describe on


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      Name: Smiley
      Age: 19
      Past & Current Characters: Insane Patient, Crazed Surgeon, Anonymous Doctor, "George", Dr. Pain, Evil Clown
      Haunt: Dr. Pain's Haunted Asylum in Salem VA.
      Location: Roanoke, VA.

      Ever since I was wee kid living in California, I always loved Halloween. Maybe it was the 30 sum Goosebumps books I grew up with (and still have) or all the horror movies I watched, but I couldn't get enough of the Halloween season. As a kid, I wanted to make the house more and more "haunted" for my fellow trick or treaters. At some point I wanted to make my house into a home haunt. However my parents refused to let me go with it, the jerks. Fastforward to 2005 (man, was it not that long ago?). It was the same year Dr. Pain's Haunted Asylum found a temporary home in a lumber mill that I first volunteered.

      In my first year, I was one of the insane patients; who loved power tools. In the second year, over the summer, I was the Anonymous Doctor who followed behind groups to keep em' in line. In October of the same year, I started out as a patient known as"George": Loves to hide in the walls and damage the Asylum's support beams. Then I was drafted as the Crazed Surgeon. He loves power tools. And somewhere along the way I was unoffically in the shoes of Dr. Pain.

      These days, I'm an evil clown in now what is called....Dr. Pain's Twisted Carnival.
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        haunted houses online

        hey guys check it out these are some of the coolest and freakiest places in the states and it's all on Route 666 on FEARnet check it out


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          hi to all

          hi all my name is eric,this my very first post .i work at nightshade manor,i work in the cematary .this site rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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            Name: Aidan, AKA The Laundress
            Age: A week away from 23
            Haunt: Baxter Avenue Morgue in Louisville, Ky

            Just thought I would officially introduce myself here. I'm the first person to ever haunt the room I'm in at my haunt, and so far, so good!


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              Hey I'm new

              I'll be helping out with special fx makeup at spookyhouse in Northridge, ca. Come check it out, they've got a huge new building and its looking great. I'm interested in working at other haunts this year or building/decorating/revamping for next year so let me know if you've got one and could use some help.



              Check out my deviant art site for my sfx and costuming work



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                Originally posted by ripstershalloweenprops View Post

                I'm looking at starting a Haunt and wanted to find out from more experienced persons if the Inflatable Haunted Houses are a good investment for myself who is a first time Haunter for profit. The inflatable I'm looking at is the $8995.00 one located on

                I look forward to anyone's feedback.


                honestly, from the small amount I know from people who have done this for nearly a decade, and from what I've seen, trailers are a better bet. They are more customizable, unique and changeable as you will want to revamp from time to time.
                The inflatable ones are better as a side attraction to your main haunt.

                good luck btw!


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                  Name Colt Farrington

                  Hey y'all. I've posted on here a few times as Reverend Colt but in the last couple years I've started taking my walk with Christ Jesus much more seriously. "Reverend" was a nickname title I was given from a character I played very well a few years ago. Now days I think it's a little disrespectful to assume that title and chose to start a new one on here.

                  Anyway, I'm 31, married to the greatest lady I've ever met and we're blessed to have 2 young children that are just AWSOME. I've worked seasonaly in this business for 14 years, mainly as a true actor but have also done a tremendous amount of writing, construction, and design. I've primarily worked with a good friend's haunted hayride but we disagreed on our vision for it. Plus I felt a little undervalued $$ for the time and energy I was putting in so when my daughter was born in 2004 I walked away.

                  Since then I've done a little acting and consulting each season at The Haunted Pyramids in Lawndale, NC. If I can get all the ducks to line up I'll be opening my own first haunted attraction next season. We'll see if the partners and investors come on though. In the mean time, I'm just here to contribute what I've learned from experience and to be a sponge for your input.
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                    i am new here i am from the philadelphia pa area please help me out with ideas for a home haunt to benfit the muscular dystrophy accosition


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                      Hello I'm Lady Riggy or Riggy the Riveter.....either one is fine. Depending on what act I'm doing I go by both. I've worked for House of Frankenstein, Dr. Morbid's Haunted House, World of Wonders Sideshow and now I'm at Double M Haunted Hayrides with my husband/partner with our own sideshow called Forbidden Oddities.
                      We are a 10 in one sideshow with all the basics-bed of nails, fire eating/breathing, glass walking, a little bit of contortion and I even swallow swords. Our season at Double M ends in a few days soon and we don't know yet if we'll be able to make it down to Florida in February to work with WOW again so we're currently booking shows


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                        Hello i am new to these forums and i am so glad to talk to people about this haunting is a little bit about myself:

                        name: Troy
                        age: 15 (my birthday was on november 6th)
                        location: Wausau, WI

                        if you want my email here it is:


                        talk to me sometime!

                        Hauntworld must be the best!


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                          Not a new member, but have not posted in awhile
                          I am coming Sara! But I a coming very slowly, because little pieces keep falling off of me!


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                            hey everyone..most of you already know me, so this is a formality...i am madison poole, one of the partners of screamline studios...i have been known to give seminars pertaining to haunted attraction acting and costuming among other things...i am also a well known well traveled actress...over the past 3 years i have been lucky enough to act at some of the best haunts in the industry, and have gotten to know a ton really awesome people in the process...and i really cant wait till next year...remember, halloween is never more than 365 days away!!!

                            maddi ~


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                              I guess i should do this also...Although it has some sort of creepy AA vibe. Hi, I'm Tater...If you don't know me then you prob don't know that I'm an asshole. If im an ass to you its because i like you...kinda like me showing you respect. Im an actor that has recently gotten the chance to travel around and will be doing so more often next year. My main character is a grandma, who is old, bitter and cranky. Ive been acting in a haunted house one way or another for about 16 years so basically since i was 10. If i havent got the chance to meet you then i look forward to doing so at conventions or other haunted Gatherings. If you see a guy with a name tag that says Tater please introduce yourself. And if you see an old lady wearing a blue dress...then stay away unless you want to be told what she thinks of you.
                              Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you're an asshole.


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                                Name: Josh
                                Age: 20
                                Location: Cincinnati

                                Hey, I am a musician/ filmmaker and mostly entrepreneur. I am OBSESSED with halloween and the art of horror in its entirety. Owning my own haunt has always been a dream of mine, so i've been doing my homework and getting an early start for next fall. I've learned quite a bit already from reading previous posts and whatnot on here, but like any business you can never know too much, so if anyone has any advice at all- I'd more than appreciate it! Thanks a lot and I look forward to it.