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    Names John live in Riverside Ca did cheesseeee garage haunts when i was boy in covina untill when i was 12 the march of dimes did a pro haunt in the old school across the street from my house i was all over it and helped every day and dont tell momy even ditched alot untill it was done i got to design with two other friends a room called the grave yard which was indoors and (one of the class rooms) and was asked to be dracula on the stage with a flyer suite on wher i would fly out over the patrons. man what were they thinking about times have changed!
    i have always wanted a pro haunt and have always been around the big H. if i did not work for the big brother i would be a gothic dressed freak but i seem to keep my sanity and with three kids have to set a good example so they tell me.
    i hope to have a pro haunt in a year or so but am not in a hurry i do not want to open up just to close up a year or two later. i am a member of a great group called CalhauntS in So Cal and currently am a new member cordinator moderator.

    love it a great bunch of creeps.

    most know me by John and my sreen name is The Care Taker.

    i have been a member of this group before but changed my email and could not remeber the pass word so i let it be for a while and now am back.

    one thing i love about this communnity is the willingess to help and give good info to aasist you. i cant wait to go pro and scare people you have got to love entertainment'.
    The Care Taker
    John ""


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      Hello everyone my name is Austin and I live in Texas Halloween is my favorite holiday and I would like to start my own Haunted House and prop business in the near future and I am here to learn and meet like minded fans of all things Haunt related:-D


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        Hi, This post of mine is very beneficial and informative, however there are some specific facts or information that I require. If anyone can help me in this matter then please send me a private message. Best Regards,
        Chris Riehl


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          Introuce myself

          Name DeWayne
          Haunt Fearfest Omaha
          Loves Halloween and Haunted Houses and Hearses

          New to the Forum I have a 1966 Hearse limo I use to take customers
          to and from haunted houses in Omaha.Ne. Love to read haunted house and
          Hearse Club Forums.:-D


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            Dewayne, Since Halloween is seasonal and you drive a hearse...I guess it is always "Dead-time" for you.


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              how are u doing gym worfeild


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                Hey all...

                Hey Larry! Tristan here...Thought I would post more on the site since u said I havent in awhile =] Everyone check out or to check out my personal Home Haunt!! Thanks

                -Terror At 2596-


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                  Jason's Woods

                  .....I'm new...and I'm not exactly sure how to move around on this site
                  Don't throw a baby at anything. Even a Burgalar


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                    Pretty simple


                    It's pretty easy to figure out. On the home page, you can click on a variety of areas listed there, and there will be related threads in each of them. At the top of the page, there is a Search button that you can click on to look for a specific subject: pneumatic, skeleton, etc. The New button will show all posts since you were last logged in. The Members button will show you all the registerered members, with links to their websites and a link to all posts they have made, which comes in handy if there is particular area that you have found a specific member to be helpful in.

                    There are some other features that you may or may not find useful. While a majority (or just many?) of the members here either put on professional haunts or manufacture or sell products, I have found them all to be immensely helpful and very willing to share.



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                      Its me

                      Real Name: Ben Penman
                      Alias: Brittany Woods (my yahoo account name which I got from the street the haunt is located on)
                      Haunt Name: Tustin Haunt

                      Guess I should have introduced myself a while ago. I am not a very well-known person in the haunt industry - at least I don't think so. I have been haunting around southern california since 1995. I graduated with a degree in theatrical design and have been putting it to good use.

                      I have been doing free community haunts since I started, but am considering charging admission in 2008.

                      I am a member of the California Haunting Society (CalHauntS)

                      Don't know what else to say, so I'll stop there.
                      Tustin Haunt, Tustin CA


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                        NAME: Jason Stamper

                        Day Job. EMT for local Private Ambulance
                        Night Job: Uss Nightmare in Newport KY.
                        Roll: Security, Maintenance,First Aid
                        Time on HW: 2 yrs
                        Time in the Industry:5 yrs and still ticking
                        5 years in the business and still ticking
                        Ive been through HELL on Earth. What can you do?


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                          Hello, I signed up a while back, but dont believe I introduced my-self.
                          I go by scareshack, real name is John, sometimes Johnny, been called other names too(not to be mentioned).
                          Anyways, I am a huge Haunt fan. I see a lot of familiar faces here from other forums.
                          Im more your homehaunter type of guy.
                          Anyways, Hello to all!


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                            Hey Scareshack!!
                            Welcome to Hauntworld!!!
                            I am coming Sara! But I a coming very slowly, because little pieces keep falling off of me!


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                              hows it going my name is danny maple from mexico mo welcome to hauntworld im 20 years old and am a actor in a local haunted house hoping to have a haunted house sometime in the near future


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                                Old man learning new tricks

                                Hi everyone,
                                Jerry Jewell here. I founded a non-profit teen educational corporation years ago to teach teens teamwork and leadership through challenging theatrical arts projects. I was also building a home haunt for a while that had 1,000 visitors a night. Eventually it became obvious that haunts provided all the challenges and skills the kids needed and we focused the teen programs 100% on Halloween.

                                We moved the haunt to the train yards inside Hagan Park in Rancho Cordova where we get free land, train rides and insurance. And the fire inspectors leave us alone! We're now a huge community event and have won the "Best Haunted House" award from HauntX twice. Our haunt is aided by the work of Mike Fox at Fox Productions. We keep things pretty high tech!

                                About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus and spent nearly a year on the couch. I had a lot of problems using my hands and decided I would start some kind of business to keep me busy and give my hands some exercise. After a failed effort at antique restoration I decided to design a more advanced version of the talking skulls we had been using in our haunts. Thus was born the first SkullTroniX. Three years later we're on our fourth version of the skull and the company is now run by my daughter who has as many years experience in the haunt business as I do.

                                We're not making a profit (yet) but I have a great shop and get to work side by side with my daughter everyday and that is priceless.

                                We're focusing on the best possible service combined with the highest quality we are capable of producing.

                                We'll be at Transworld in the Dark Zone with some new products. I hope you can all stop by and meet us.



                                916 600-2295