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  • Scarecrow Thanx

    Thanx DrFrightner For activating my account
    Now I can get some answers to my question about my roll this season as a scarecrow and acting/mannerisms to add to my scare tactics arsenal.

    Please anyone with tips please reply.

    The Scarecrow!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Name: Melissa
      Current Location: Peoria. IL
      Home Haunter

      Hi I am a new member to haunt world and am very glad I found this site. I have already learned so much and got some great ideas too. Plus its nice to see there are so many who share the same love for halloween as my family. This is only our second year of home haunting. We are also a military family so this is our first year in Peoria, IL. I believe I am raising the future of haunting. We have a 2 almost 3 year old little boy who is already obsessed with scaring people. He loves playing scary "mongers". Our little princess doesn't know it yet but she'll love it too. Thank you everyone for all your tips and ideas!!!


      • Welcome to HW. Keep track with stuff, and you could learn a lot from these guys.

        And if you ever have a question, feel free to ask.
        Brad Bowen
        Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


        • I'm Carmen. I care very much about haunts and haunting. I do visit this forum very regularly but I don't log in much because I'm generally a private person. However, I do care about the people that are being rejected as members because I was also one that struggled to finally get accepted to this forum. That's why I spoke up today for the first time even though I've been a member since July.

          So I just wanted to say to those of you who are trying to get in, please keep trying. Some of us really do want to hear your input, and thanks to all of you who have been sharing your wealth of information. I have learned a lot from you. And when I have more to share, I will do so too. Happy haunting!


          • Hey

            Hey everyone just wanted to say Happy Halloween!
            Have been a member for only about 3 weeks, started a new business and wanted to get feedback from people that are the most knowledgeable about Halloween decorations and stuff. So thats why I am here, mainly just observing what people are talking about.
            The Holiday Projector Guy
            Halloween Projectors (<--- Click Link)
            THE Source for high quality Holiday and Party Projectors


            • hello

              im danny 21 from harrison arkansas and ive been acting for 5 years now


              • HI everyone!!!! My name is Hope. I love Halloween, its awesome time of year to dress up and have some great fun!!!! My friend and I do a Haunted Cave and each year I dress up as somethig scary, my favorite is Death!!!!! This year I wanted to try and do a Zombie. I need some advice on how to dress like one.

                Any help from you folks out there would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!! Thank You so Much!!!!


                • Hello, people!

                  We're working on our home haunt in Texas and thought we would join just to get lots of input and advice from the experienced masters here! So far, it's working very well. We've learned so much from reading everything before being accepted but I'm really glad that we finally got in so that we can post now.

                  Thanks for all of your helpful advice!
                  Chris Riehl


                  • What was once an inarticulate mass of lifeless tissues....

                    Hey all,
                    I have been haunting my yard off and on for over 25 years. I got into pneumatics last year and really stepped up the quality of my yard haunt. Sometimes I think I must be a demented individual and I am probably right, but in a good way
                    This year I started a business specializing in Haunt Voice Overs. If anyone is in need of Haunt Rules, Haunt Greetings, Prop voices, Atmosphere etc... Check out my web site . You won't be disappointed.
                    I look forward to sharing and learning from you all.
                    Children of the night...What music they make!

           - Haunt Voice Overs


                    • Hi, I'm Matthew Willie from Austin, TX. My family and I have been enjoying haunting for many years. I joined this forum back in July or August but got deleted by changing my email address, so be forewarned. Don't change your email address unless you are prepared to apply for membership again, and remember that's a lengthy process.

                      Happy haunting!


                      • I'm Jonathan Frost from upstate New York.

                        I perform all over the country, currently I'm in NC at Spookywoods...

                        I own Chilling Magic

               for more information

                        Looking forward to talking with you all...



                        • my name is denise, i'm in east tennessee. some friends and i did a haunted barn to benefit our local elementary school for four years. it's a very small school and they needed library books and computers. the county was angry because we wouldn't give the money to the school board to put towards the high school football team, which already had a sideline club, so they had us shut down. did a haunt last year to benefit united way. i had my gall bladder removed last week so no haunting for me this year. and no, they wouldn't let me keep my gall bladder in a jar. gonna try to do a haunt for a local horse rescue next year.


                          • Name: Greg Godwin
                            Age: 45
                            Location: Clayton, NC (Just outside of Raleigh).
                            Occupation: Family Entertainment Center manager

                            I am a newbie. I have for as long as I can remember loved Halloween and horror movies. Years ago I started decorating my house and it grew bigger each year, until I started moving around the country with my job and had to get rid of my collection. Then three years ago we decided to convert our Laser tag arena into a haunted attraction for the month October and the addiction resurfaced for me. This past year it was decided we would not continue with the attraction at work, so I have decided I would focus on creating my own haunted attraction. It is my plan to be up and running in 3-5yrs. So far the subscription to Haunt World magazine, Web sites and the DVD collections I have started collecting have stoked the the creative fires. I am open to any advice that may help me along the way and look forward to sharing my ideas as well.

                            Greg G
                            Root of Evil


                            • Hey ya! My name's Zach and I'm from Waverly, Iowa. I'm 18 years old and have been doing my haunt for 4 years. I'm not as big as the local pro haunts in my area, but many of my patrons say our show us better than the others, so I must be doing something right! I'm a member on a few other forums, but I came here to chat with a few "pros" about the haunt business because I would ideally like to go pro myself here in the next few years. I really look forward to meeting all of you and learning a lot of great useful information as well as contributing where I can!
                              Zach Wiechmann


                              • Name: Mike Melillo
                                Haunt: Slickshill's Dead End of Horrors
                                Occupation: Art Supply Shop owner by day, Creature Creator by night

                                I've run my own charity haunt for five years running now, under the Dr. Slickshill banner. We've done a few different themes... a Sideshow of Monsterous Oddities, Godzilla, and assorted animated displays. I sculpt, mold and cast masks and props as a second income, and have recently partnered with comic artist Frank Thorne to produce a line of resin figures based on his characters. I'm also an amateur magician, and I build all of my own effects and props for my haunts, with few exceptions. I'm currently doing freelance creature fabrication for the MonsterQuest show on the History Channel.

                                I've lurked on this board for years, and even ventured in a few times, though I seem to recall it being a somewhat unsettling experience, I've come to appreciate this forum over the years, so I say once again, 'Hello!'
                                "Mundus Vult Deipi Decepiatur... The world wants to be deceived, let it be deceived."