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  • Hello all,

    We are Headstone Media, a full service graphic and web design company who has specialized in the entertainment industry and is now branching into the haunt industry.

    Since we have done a number of violent and scary titles in the gaming industry, we met up with Molar Manor and designed their new website and logo. After discussing with them about the haunt business, we felt we could bring a specialized need to everyone looking for very high end work for their website, logos, print materials and more. What's more, since we have connections in tinsel town, we can offer unique services of audio for your haunt and such.

    In any case, that is us in a coffin. We look forward to working with any and all of you!

    Headstone Media


    • Greetings my haunters. I hope I can make some friends here. This place looks a lot of fun. However, a good cleansing never hurt anyone!

      Exorcism here! GET YOUR EXORCISMS!!!! :evil:

      The Power of Christ Compels You!


      • Hey everybody, my name is Ashley and though I don't have my own haunted house, the process of putting them together has always intrigued me. I've always loved visiting haunted houses, and as a kid I would make my room "haunted" for my family to come and see.

        Aside from that, I like to write and I have started a paranormal blog that I hope to start posting on more. It's nice to meet everyone!
        USA Haunts Blog - "Haunted America"


        • Greetings, fellow haunters. I've been around a few months under a different name, but big changes at the haunt required a change in name. My name is Aidan, I play Lillian Vanderdark at the Baxter Avenue Morgue. I am also their new event coordinator as they are hoping to take the place year round now. Wish us luck!



          • Originally posted by Captain Spaulding View Post
            Hello everybody!

            I am the newest member here, so I would like to introducy you myself. My name is Christopher, but you may call me Chris. And/or, you can also call me Capt Spaulding!
            I love to chat about Halloween and haunt news, events, horror and scary movies, prop makeups, funny jokes, deal with buy, sell, or trade things and more!

            Come and drop in here to say hi!
            You just never learn, do you? BTW, quit sending me stupid emails.
            The Dead End


            • Aaron Meyer

              I'm a sophomore at Johnston High School

              I just can't get enough of Halloween and Haunted Houses! I want to study in college to become a set designer for haunted houses and also be able to help operate and maybe own my own one day. That or I would really like to work for Universal Creative because they help plan HHN. Hopefully during college I'll be able to intern for businesses such as Netherworld or The Darkness. I really want hands on experience and I love making people get scared and have a good safe time and be able to create something that people see and go "wow!"


              • My name is Brandon Whitaker.
                I am from the Cincinnati area.
                I am opening a haunt this year to help a homeless shelter in the area.
                I am 1 semester away from a degree in Accounting.
                I have been into haunted houses since the 2nd grade.


                • Haunted Overload looks amazing! A true inspiration!


                  • ok

                    Oh I'm THIS is the introduction area. I accidentally posted my intro in the Actors section.

                    OK sorry....

                    Anyway , I am Andrea in Maryland.

                    I joined to get tips/helpful info about getting started in acting in haunted houses.

                    I am planning on volunteering at GoatMan Hollow and since this is my first time ever I wondered what acting experience you need to do this.


                    • Originally posted by airman9332 View Post
                      Aaron Meyer
                      That or I would really like to work for Universal Creative because they help plan HHN.
                      ACTUALLY.....HHN is designed and produced by Universal Art & Design which is a totally different division of the company. Creative is actually run from the corporate side (NBC/UNI). But yes, either one would be a privelege to work for!
                      Nate Mitchell|creative consultant
                      [n8 creative studios]


                      • The Doctor

                        Real Name: Jeff
                        Age: 39
                        Alter-Ego: The Doctor
                        Location: Alabama (Hey are those banjo's I hear?)
                        Haunt: Graystone Manor

                        I have been doing this for over 8 years and doing make-up for even longer. I can still remember plastering flour and oil on my face to create a melt man and oats for scales and I know my mom still wonders what happened to all her Kayro Syrup and red food coloring.


                        • I have been reading the forums for a while now and just thought I would finally join and get in on the fun.I live in North Alabama.And yes,I work for Shane at Graystone Manor.There are some pretty insightful posts on here and I am enjoying reaping the benefits of everyones knowlege on here.I hope more people post there 10 cents worth on here so I can learn more about the indusry.Of course I am learning from the best in Shane.


                          • I've been checking into this forum for years and figured I should finally register and start being part of the conversation.

                            I got into the biz doing custom masks and some design work, before taking some time off to raise a family. Since then, I've done some mask work, full size props, and a little design work on the side.

                            I have been looking to branch out as of late and I now also run the The Wail Street Journal a haunt industry/Halloween news website. It'll take some time to build up, but I'm not going anywhere.

                            Happy Haunting Everyone


                            • Hello from South Fla

                              just found this site looks like alot of good information and people on to the haunt I do a free NO money acceptted house haunt for the last 3 years with the last year having 6 actors helping..its call Cassia Cemetery. last year was the first haunted maze we did..My new neighbour I just moved into usually only has about 45 over 400 and my neighbour still like me...Howard


                              • RC Furr
                                Age 37
                                Dallas, Texas
                                New Member

                                I have a website all about hauntings and attractions in Georgia I hope you check it out!