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Distortions Electric Chair now on e-Bay!!

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  • Distortions Electric Chair now on e-Bay!!

    Check out the Distortions original electric chair on e-Bay. Starting bid of only $.01 and NO RESERVE!! Don't miss out on your chance to own this awesome prop.

    I will be listing so much more as well so keep an eye out for all professional props all made by big companies with big names in the haunted industry. Thanks for looking everyone!

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    What condition is the body in? Has any dry rot started on it yet? Also, I see the cables, skulls, and head band are not shown in the pics of the one you are selling...Do you still have these?


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      You really have to watch out for the movable body parts such as the head and upper body on older Distortions electric chairs. Three seasons ago, the head on ours broke completely off and flew across to the other side of the hay wagon! That REALLY freaked everyone out, but we couldn't use it for a while.

      I actually like Distortion's new JOLT electric chair. For the money, it's actually a very nice animated piece. I sold several of them at my Haunted Ventures FX web site this past Halloween and the reports on them were excellent.
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        electric chair

        Just for the record, the Jolt prop hasn't held up to it's reputation either. This electric chair has withstood four years of continuous operation each season and it still has it's original head. Works great. The jolt prop that I sold this year ended up having numerous problems including the head as well. The haunted house that I sold a Jolt to this year had more complaints than any other prop I have ever sold before in the past. I do like the prop as well but when it comes down to it; you get what you pay for. Thanks for your comment though haunted.