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Scarefactory hallway to hell for sale

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  • Scarefactory hallway to hell for sale

    I have one hallway to hell Scarefactory Sewer theme sale item # hd704 Sewer theme only & item # for $5500 for both the hallway frame and Sewer theme which Scarefactory charges I believe over $5000 just for the Sewer theme. I know I paid over $12,000 plus shipping for this 2 Seasons ago and it has been indoors the whole time and I purchased directly from Scarefactory. It works prefect and has been taken a part and can be loaded into a 16ft box trucks. If you want to see video of a hallway to hell in action go to YouTube and type in Scarefactory hallway to hell. Please text me 845-391-0071 or send me an email I'm not on hauntworld much anymore. Thks
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    Forgot about this, Can i buy this from you Bob?
    Very interested!!
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