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Wall Panels - Near Chicago, IL

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  • Wall Panels - Near Chicago, IL

    Harvard, IL

    Hey Everyone -

    I have a friend who is getting rid of some wall panels near Chicago.

    I haven't gotten all the details yet - but with the price of lumber rising - this could be a good deal.

    I know that they are built with 2 by 4 and 2 by 3's - with either plywood or OSB. I am trying to get this info, and should have it by tomorrow. If interested shoot me a message.

    There is somewhere around 250 panels, and they are looking for $7 a panel. Some of these are double sided, but most are single sided.

    From what I heard these panels are different designs.. I don't have the exact details of how detailed they are, but probably not overly crazy. You could always flip the panel around and repaint, or use as is. I know that quite a bit are black panels

    Again with lumber prices rising - this could be a great deal for a few folks.

    Direct Message me if interested, and I will set ya up with my friend!

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    Does he still have the panels for sale?