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Midi Controller & Rack Mount Amplifiers - Awesome centralized show controller

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  • Midi Controller & Rack Mount Amplifiers - Awesome centralized show controller

    Hi Guys,

    Parting out our MIDI rack so we have the following:
    J-Omega Midi MTP-8 (64 output) Midi cards (Qty 2) in steel rack mount enclosure - Will include the wiring and rack mount molex panel holder. Also large 24V power supply & additional backup power supply (new in box)

    Rack Mount PC with M-Audio Delta 1010LT Audio cards (Qty 2) & Delta 410 Audio Card (Qty 1) installed - running windows XP and Cubase SX (works perfectly, no need to update OS unless connecting to the internet).

    SlimAmp 150w Rack Mount 1U amplifiers (Qty 7)

    These are all currently installed and working in a full height rack - so ideally could be sold as a single unit - or parted out.

    This is the controller we used to run the entire DC Cemetery as well as all audio for ambiance and individual props - est cost for everything was probably in the $5K range

    Please email me at if interested.

    All respectable offers will be considered.

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    Brent Ross
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    Can this MIDI controller be used to set the teslacoils to music? They were sold at TW in 2016 and I got one but it did not come with the parts that set it to music!!