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3 semi trailer asylum haunt for sale in Virginia

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  • 3 semi trailer asylum haunt for sale in Virginia

    Hello everyone, Erik here from the Wicked Woods haunt in Spotsylvania, Virginia writing to inform you that we are closing our haunt and selling everything. Included is a turn key semi-trailer Asylum themed attraction. We have found homes for most of our other items but the Asylum haunt is still for sale.
    The link to video/pictures is here.

    The haunt includes :

    2 -48' semi-trailers , 1 40' semi-trailer. Built with the works. Back-up lights installed, led lighting, and 120v pre-wired power to a gfic main power that can easily be plugged in anywhere. 5 Pneumatic animatronics, lines for air tools, unit 70, distortions, dapper cadaver props throughout. 12' claustrophobia, KNB film prop corpse from the show "Longmire" , Metal walls on 2 trailers, fibergass composite material walls on other trailer, Fireproofed wood partitions, emergency backup lights, 3 fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, 1 5,500 watt briggs and stratton generator, professionally built wooden stair entrance and wooden 16' ramp exit, wooden facade panels for front, much more. Things not included with the haunt: fence maze inside courtyard , compressor.

    Rooms in haunt:
    Waiting room/reception ( 1 boobox actor powered with sliding metal gate to simulate prison enclosure as patrons enter ...
    -Dark Room
    -Maternity ward ( babies and creepy props and a simulated pneumatic baby birthing scene)
    -Actor room to next trailer where patrons enter a 3 door "choose the way" scenario (only 1 door opens)
    -Jolt animatronic with emergency exit. Dapper Cadaver nurse prop.
    -Electroshock area (actor area)
    -Pneumatic custom leaning Dapper Cadaver Mr. Pincher animation into surgery area, more props, 1 thrashing animation and unit 70 Tiffany prop on sink.
    -Morgue (Dapper cadaver nurse, 1 custom corpse, "eyegore" Unit 70 and Kurtzman film prop full body on slab. Numerous authentic surgical tools, books, etc.
    -3rd trailer- actor area to "lead" patrons into a 12 foot claustrophobia wall set.
    -Hallway to dental area (great actor area)
    -Dental Exam room- 2 authentic dental chairs and props, airline with high speed air drill to simulate dental drill.
    -hallway to exit with 1 custom 2 way thrashing female straight jacket prop similar to Krazy Kristen, but home built.
    -16 foot professionally built heavy duty exit ramp with rails to inside of 3 trailers (courtyard). The fence shown was needing to come down so its not included, but you could do about anything because it's a good amount of room to work with inside the trailers.

    We are asking $15,000 or best offer. The trailers will need to be towed, as they will have good tires but are not "road ready" meaning they can be hauled by a heavy duty tow truck within Virginia legally. Outside it's possible but i'm not sure how to arrange that. I will help arrange the logistics as much as I can. This was a great haunt, but we have ran 10 years as an attraction in whole (7 years this particular attraction) and we decided it's time to call it a day. We would like to sell the attraction as is, and not part any of it out. It is a great investment, as you could charge a separate admission fee. If you are interested, we will work with you. You can see more pics of the haunt in operation at

    Thanks for your time. Please text or call me if interested incase I don't get to logon here.. 540-656-3606
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    I wish you were closer to Fla...