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Price reduced!!!!! Don't miss this opportunity! Custom side attraction!

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  • Price reduced!!!!! Don't miss this opportunity! Custom side attraction!

    I have an INCREDIBLE one of a kind side attraction that was custom built for me by the incredible crew over at Nevermore Productions

    PHOTOS HERE: (Please note, PASSWORD to view album is ZOMBIE)

    What does this include?
    Complete custom designed enclosure 10'x20' (made of modular 4x8' wall panels for VERY easy assembly/dis-assembly)
    9 animated zombie targets
    1 "Hot Shot" flash cracker exploding target.
    5.1 Surround sound system with custom soundtrack
    Reservoir air tank
    8 pump action shotguns
    Tons of rubber .50 cal balls
    4 safety goggles
    Custom vinyl banners
    Incredible movie quality design!

    What do you need to do to start making money?
    Buy it.
    Set it up.
    Hook to air compressor
    Be prepared for MAJOR attention

    NEW LOW PRICE (You can't even make it yourself for this cost!) $7,500!! Will hold with half down deposit!

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    Still available!

    I had a buyer fall through!

    This incredible money making attraction is still available, you gotta have money to make money! This little revenue generating genius can be yours for $7,500!

    I need the room for a new side attraction I'm having custom built, you cannot build this for yourself for this price! The craftsmanship and quality is INCREDIBLE! What other piece of eye candy can you have that people THROW money at you to interact with?!

    Call or Email Me!

    I can help with shipping, as well as initial setup and installation, it's very simple.

    It takes a 14' U-Haul to load.

    Can be easily installed onto a trailer once at your location (or come here and do it if you'd like), so you can take it to fairs/conventions/festival's for year round revenue making and marketing!


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      What the hell is it,lol
      Tanner Phillips
      The Darkest Hour


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        lol it's a custom animated zombie shooting gallery, an interactive animatronic, featuring 9 animated zombie targets and 1 shocker flash cracker surprise target.

        Players use spring loaded fake shotguns that shoot plastic balls at the targets. It has a custom made soundtrack with choreographed lighting, and with the surround sound system it shakes the friggin floors when the sound of helicopters landing kicks in. It's WILD!


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          Pics and video?
          Tanner Phillips
          The Darkest Hour


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            Photobucket link is above in original post on this thread, password to view the album is ZOMBIE

            Video is in there as well.


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              Please email me on this!


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                Photobucket not working. Tried three browsers.

                Nevermind. You wrote your password in all caps. Copied and pasted... your password isn't in caps...


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                  How do you pick up the mini balls. Looks like they could go everywhere. How long can you run it without having to stop booth to replenish.


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                    Sorry, didn't realize password was case sensitive.

                    And they just roll's not bad, I had two girls running it at night, and if they started to run low, one would just grab the balls, while the other got the players set up. When you instal it, you just make sure the floor is pitched ever so slightly towards the front and the balls just roll back to you.


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                      SOLD! The zombie Shootout has been sold! Soon to be in the wondrous hands of the Phatman himself.

                      Looking forward to seeing everyone at Transworld!


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                        were is this located?


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                          It is sold, as posted above, sorry!!