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  • Ups theft warning:

    Today was bad day!!!
    UPS WARNING: This is the second time i have heard of this happening recently....
    The UPS driver delivered 2 packages on the front porch. Sally signed for them but they were too heavy for her to bring in. 5 minutes later my dog was barking like crazy. Sally went to go look and noticed a girl loading boxes into her car and didn't think twice about it. I mean who would have the balls to do that. And just like that they were gone! $7800 in prop controllers, motion sensors, 24v power supply's and airlines! What could the thief do with this stuff anyway? ... I am so screwed!
    Here is a list of what was stolen just in case anybody comes across someone trying to unload it.
    20x BOO BOX FLEX 4 channel
    10x BOO BOX FLEX 8 channel
    30x Motion sensor PRI
    10x Pico boo Jr.
    30x 24V DC power supplies.

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    damn! So now what? Home insurance cover that?



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      Adam That sucks. I will keep you eyes open.


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        That truly sucks...lot of dirt bags out there & this economy has really taken the losers down a notch! Listen you might be surprised by what Homeowners Insurance your agent-especially since the packages were signed for! Worth a shot! Keep your head up...they got bad karma coming their way!

        Jim Pashley
        The FEAR FACTORY
        855-NJ HAUNT


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          Living in a small town..

          We see them coming from several miles away and they get caught pretty quick trying to make their get-away over just a few roads. During the 1940's a guy ripped a slot machine loose, threw it into the back seat of his car and took off! Only four directions he could go= caught, went to jail.
          Yes slots were illegal then but my Great Uncle was paying certain people to be "legal",so he wan't in trouble at all...


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            Maybe Sally needs a gun.


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              Wow Adam...

              The audicity of people is crazy. Feel helpless to help you out ....and you did such a good job sending those rain clouds my way last summer all the way from your place.

              Wicked Farmer


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                Set them up?

                Maybe you should set the people up - get a camera and some fake boxes and leave them outside your door when you leave....see if they are dumb enough to come back and try it again. Seems to me someone willing to run up and grab some heavy boxes must have been watching for them or knew you get deliveries often.


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                  Apparently its a common scam. What they do is follow the UPS driver and stay about 1 block behind them. Then when UPS drives away they pull up and look and if its a big box they grab it load it up and off they go. I even searched the web last night and found a website called" How to STEAL from the UPS DRIVER"! Can you believe some dirt bag actually put that up. I have lived here for 17 years and the neighborhood is safe. But that's why it's such a target too. I know S..t happens you just don't expect it to happen to you!
                  I am working with my homeowners insurance now and hopefully I will be able to recoup some of the loss.
                  PEACE, ADAM