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Fake Sledge Hammers For Sale...

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  • Fake Sledge Hammers For Sale...

    Hey Guys,

    We made some fake sledge hammers over the winter and have decided to sell some to help cover the cost of the materials, the silicone mold and the special release for the foam are not cheap!
    They have a real handle and the head is made out of 25lb flex foam. They are super strong and light. The 25lb flex foam is hard enough that you can beat the thing on walls but still safe for customers.
    Here is one I have on E-bay right now if anyone is interested.

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    Wow those look really good! Like the yellow handle and how you did your blood as well.
    Damon Carson


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      We liked the yellow handle better than just wood also.
      We put the blood on the handle also because thats right where our actor will be holding it, with blood all over him it just made sense to have the handle bloody too.

      Thanks again!!!!


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        Interested in Offer

        Nice. was looking for something good for my actors to hit against the side of a hayride wagon. Should do the job! Do you have any left and are you just selling on Ebay? How much?


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          We have one more that looks the same as the one we have on Ebay right now. I think we will sell the other one for the same price that the one on Ebay goes for. The auction ends in about ten min.
          I will post a reply after that one sells with the price, if you are interested it's yours.



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            Ok, the one we had on Ebay went for $60.00 + $12.00 for shipping. If you want the other one it would be $72.00 including shipping. Let me know if you are interested and we can arrange payment and where to ship it.
            Please let me know if your are interested otherwise I will list this one on Ebay also.