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Buy by Feb. 18th prior to TransWorld

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  • Greg Chrise

    If you need any help, I'm available and know where it is at.

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  • Dr. Haunt Chamber of Fear
    Brad - I sent you a powerpoint taht contains all the animatronics that we are selling. You are really close - about 3 hours! So if you are interested the prices are good and pick-up would be easy!

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  • brad
    Hey Dr. Haunt, I sent you an e-mail. I'm interested in a few of the props.

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  • Buy by Feb. 18th prior to TransWorld

    Following items for Sale:
    - Animatronic Dog - $1,500
    - Kicker - $1,000
    - Slammer - $800
    - Animatronic Man - $500
    - Giant Skelator - $2,600
    -Shake, Rattle, and Roll Animatronic - $2,000
    -Drop Down Photo - $2,500
    - Shuter Extendor - $2,100
    -Casket Skeleton - $1,600
    - Electric Chair the Ride - $12,000

    If you are interested email me at and I will email you the photos. If anyone interested in purchasing this we will make a package deal ($28,000)and include: Sound system, lights, fog machines, furniture, costumes, semi-trailer, etc.

    To purchase items you can either come and pick them up or we are willing to deliver for a fee. Our goal is to have everything that we are going to sale, sold by March. We plan to be at Transworld and will sale everything that has not been paid for by February 18, 2007.

    Happy Haunting,
    Dr. Haunt