The Old Stone House off Shoe Factory Road

Someone have been there... it's an old school house built in the late 1800s. It's demolished to the bone by idiots. It's haunted by squirrels and drunken punks. You can fake orb, photographs there because the house is really dusty.

Some believe it is haunted, but many sources he found say it's not. Anyone else has any stories about this place in Illinois?

All he knows is that it was a first school house in the area and later it was converted into a family home. It is abandoned now. It is considered a historical landmark, so it will never be taken down by the town...

But, when he went there the other night and it was demolished, the only thing left is the barn and siloh across the street. The 18 wheeler that used to be in the barn is also gone. So basically, what is left the siloh, barn, house with crushed dolls, and some other creepy things. :shock: