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    I'm going to be 17 this year and going to put on our biggest haunt yet as a senior year celebration. Below is the plan for our haunt. Right now it's an Burned up Asylum with the spirit of a crazed murderer named Ryan. (More to come in the story)

    Now I am an A/V freak so we have many video and lighting effect being put in this year like a pre-show and all the lights will be dimmed / controlled from a LOR unit, DMX, and a PC relay board.

    Below is the layout currently planned for this year. We couldn't put it into the garage because the doors open to low for the 8' panels.

    Tell me what you think of the design. Or suggestion of what we could add.

    2009 Full View.jpg

    2009 Plan.JPG
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    Looks very good! Although I don't know what a meat shop and a spiders room would be doing in an asylum... Make do with what you got!

    Is this going to be a free standing structure then?

    Can't wait to see how it turns out!
    Zach Wiechmann


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      Yeah it's going to be free standing. I'm not sure if we should get a tent or just put plastic over the top.

      Also those rooms were changed to kitchen, and the spiders is just a run down hallway with a lot of bugs.
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        Looks good man! Are you using wooden wall panels or black plastic? For our home haunt we made a maze by putting wooden posts in the ground and then we attached black plastic sheeting between them to create walls. It worked great! We will be doing the same thing for this year's haunt. It obviously isn't as good as wooden wall panels, but it works for our haunt and it is cheaper then wooden wall panels.

        What did you use to sketch up that plan?


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          Yeah we are going to be using Wall panels and plastic for the roof. Also yes that was made in Google Sketchup. Works good for basic stuff like this.
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            Be sure and reinforce the black plastic roof if it's going to be up for any length of time (especially if chance of rain).

            I made that mistake last year. It's amazing how much water it can catch in such a short amount of time.

            After being practically flooded I ended up using some light weight welded wire (already had it) and stretched it across my roof with a few 2x's here and there for support. Black plastic over that and it held up really well despite the amount of rain we got last year.
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              After talking to my parent and some friend most are saying to put it in the garage. The main reason is they think that since we are not "popular" yet that many will just be afraid and not actually go in the backyard. Also, insurance. So I came up with a few ideas for the garage, which also has a list of cons and pros.

              Pros: No roof to build, saves $$$: Compressor can go outback so it's quieter: Controlled sets for building and lighting.

              Cons: Smaller space: Garage doors installed call for custom panels to be built (to short for 8'): Facade hard to secure to side of house

              So with these in mind I went and designed a design for a garage version of our haunt. It's a 16x20' space so it is a decently sized area. Tell me what you think.
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                Forget the doors - how high is the ceiling in the garage?


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                  when we did it in our garage like that.
                  we have to cut those panels down to 6' 7".
                  it make quite a cool effect, cause its really claustrophobic.
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                    There are three measurements for the garage.

                    The ceiling is 9' Tall, the doors them self are 7'8, and the rails they are on are 7'6.

                    In the end this means in the back I can use my old 8' panels, but for the front I have to make 7'6 panels and one 7'4 panel (that one goes under the rails).
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                      Originally posted by Scareside View Post
                      Cons: Smaller space: Garage doors installed call for custom panels to be built (to short for 8'): Facade hard to secure to side of house
                      That's a pain we deal with every year, but no has every even noticed. With the garage door we've used that as a shelf if you will to run extension cords across and last year even put a fogger up there.

                      Don't forget to secure the door for the big night (don't want it coming down on anyone), and if you have an automatic door closer you may want to disconnect it.

                      Here's what I'm planning for part of my apt and single car garage (exit).
                      Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did itů Autograph your work with excellence!


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                        All of your plans look good so far. There was one thing I noticed though: the rooms don't fit together....yet. I think that if you change your story a bit, they wouldn't have to have physical transitions. For instance, you can put, "Over the course of the years, many patients have passed through the doors of this building, the building that would prove to be the place of their death. For years, the shadows and screams that haunted their minds were the reason for their imprisonment. Now, 78 years later, the creatures and contortions that haunted their minds still roam these halls, but they're all too real. Can you go crazy and come back? Or will it be too much for you? Test your mind at [NAME]!"

                        Sorry about forgetting to throw in the reason for burning. It wouldn't be too hard, though, for you to take what I wrote and get ideas for your story. You've done a great job so far!
                        ~Jon-Kyle Bailey
                        Campbellsville, KY


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                          Thanks for the story idea TCHaunt. I'll definantly incorperate some of that into mine.
                          And evilmanor, seeing the tight space work for someone else is good to know.

                          Just throwing this out there. Has anyone ever had problems with adults not coming in. It seem that I get hundreds of kids and no adults. Kind of reversed from what I thought was going to happen. Should I require at least one adult per group?
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                            We got a mixture of kids, teens, and adults. Most of the kids that came through had adults come with them, but they were younger. We seemed to get a lot of people that were about 12-18 years old. If you require kids to come through with adults then some might not have an adult with them so then you're loosing customers. I wouldn't require that unless the kids are actually causing trouble.


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                              Thanks, so at least I'm not the only one.

                              Also, I need to build some doors. Does anyone have any hints or suggestions on how to build them. Because I've only used basic panels up to here. Tutorials or plans would also help.
                              Scareside Studios/ Haunted House