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  • HHA Meeting

    Sorry but what is the date, time, and location of the HHA meeting and is it open to all members? Thanks for the very best items on the net.

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    Hey Grimley.....

    Well there are two meetings:

    HHA's Roll-out meeting will take place immediately after the last seminar on Friday from 5:45-6:45 PM (the actual program will start at 6:00)

    The HHA Auction will be from 8:00 PM-12:00 at the Darkness, with items being auction off every half hour.

    Hope this helps.



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      Do you have to be a member to attend the first meeting?

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        Nope - you do not need to be a member to attend the first HHA meeting/presentation.

        There is a ton of stuff happening Friday night (tours, parties, dinners, etc) - so I can assure you that the HHA event will be a very fast-paced program.

        We'll be wrapped by 6:45 so that everyone can move along to the rest of their evenings...
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          Where is the Friday meeting at? -Tyler
          Chris Riehl



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            The Friday Roll Out Meeting will be in the same room all of the Seminars are held in at the convention center...Room Number TBA, but signs will be everywhere - stop by the HHA booth.

            It will be fast - We know everyone needs to move, The buses to The Columbia Haunt Tour will be headed out soon after.

            You will learn some things including details of our Two Part HHA Heath Care program created by Allen Bennett!

            Once the final seminar ends at 5:45 we will set up, start at 6:00PM and wrap up on or before 6:45.

            This meeting is open to all!

            On Saturday we will hopefully see you at the HHA Auction and Party at the Darkness from 8PM -12M. All are welcome!

            Ben Armstrong


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              As Ben said, I'll briefly speak on two options we have for haunters to strongly consider for Health insurance coverage today. There are many changes in the health care industry right now and changes will continue to occur, and we'll be continuing our efforts to find the best possible plans for haunters as these changes create new opportunities. We have researched many options extensively, and we feel that these two options are the best available anywhere!

              Options #1 is a great plan to get affordable health insurance and compare plans side by side. This option will help you find individual, family, or small business health insurance and the best medical insurance for your needs and budget.

              Option #2 is a great option for people needing healthcare plans who have pre-existing conditions either for yourself or your employees and who have serious medical issues or chronic conditions and have been declined or have a hard time getting insurance.

              We will also have info sheets highlighting these plans available at the HHA booth as well as a FAQ book that will help answer any questions you may have.