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  • Has it crossed your mind

    With all of the economic problems lately are you worried that orders you are placing may be with companies that are struggling? I worry a little that a lot of the vendors require 50% down on orders. There is the chance that some of these companies will close. Take FITCO for example. I am very glad we placed no orders with them the past two years. We would have been screwed if they had just closed shop. With the number of orders they received I would never have thought they would fail. Their booth got bigger every year. It is a two way street in a sense. There are rumors about a major online retailer having financial problems owing vendors a great deal of money. Is this something you will think about while placing orders this year? for the very best items on the net.

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    I would definitley stay state side with my orders.


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      I've never even thought of that. I just placed an order yesterday with Evilusions and I just got an E-mail a few hours ago that my order is being shipped out already.
      ~Bill Mlinac
      The Deadland Haunted House


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        I can only speak for VENDORS i have dealt with and talk with a lot.
        Myself being one of them.

        All very solid stand up companies.
        And if there ever was problem they would work it out with you.
        Costumer service excellent! : )
        PEACE, ADAM


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          Grimley? You are thinking about it.
          Fitco? Come on though....has anyone else ever ordered from these guys?
          They were all about the $$$$ they could careless about the product or the customer.
          I was charged 3 times for shipping....paid by credit card......and they called me trying to collect 30 days after i paid the bill.

          Sooooo....maybe we should just think of who we are doing business with?
          Goes for me too.....I am not pointing fingers from my soap box.....but wow...side note ya'll gots some thinnin hair from my point of view....good thing no one is looking at my bald spots!!!

          Now the way I see this....there will only be limited vendors at TW that will fall into the Fitco catagory (maybe?).

          I can see the fear of doing business with a company that is new and hasn't proven themselves.

          Here is one thing some of us forget......we all started somewhere.

          Grimley? is what I disagree with you on
          You mentioned companies that required 50% down
          There have been a few companies that are mentioned.......always the same ones
          That decide to take money and not provide what they have promised.

          Grim please don't let that stop you from trusting people.
          I have taken it in the shorts a few times....and it doesn't feel any better if you know it's coming....BUT.....if we all decided to not spend anything or trust people....there would be a few companies out of business for sure.

          WE.....Nightmares, Inc will required a 50% deposit for all costumes ordered.
          There will be a delivery date set...a reasonable date....not a week before you open
          (unless you waited too long to order....we are not wizards...need time to make the stuff)
          There will be incentives given to people who order at TW....a show special....and it will only be valid at TW

          Now does that make us a bad company to do business with?
          Should you be afraid to do business with us?
          Are you afraid we will be going out of business?

          No.....I have been a vendor in this business for more than 15 years
          AND I am part of a successful company in my eyes for the past 15 years.

          NUT?......amen to that!!!

          Oh GRIMLEY.....We usually don't place HUGE orders with anyone
          That way we never get hurt if something falls through.....your business is a little different than ours.
          Gee could it get any better than this?


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            I'll second the testimonial on Evilusions. Gadget built a contoller box for us to provide music and a light show on our front facade. He's fast and... we had a issue, on our end not in the product, with electrical that we are still trying to track down and Gadget sent us a replacement board for one that was fried, again due to an issue on our end, without hesitation. Gadget, don't forget to bill us for the replacement board and shipping. His primary concern from the start was helping us try to meet our deadline and seeing that we are taken care of. That's the kind of service I would love to see in all vendors!

            If you haven't listened to the latest Rotting Flesh Radio podcast and the interview with SACFX Studios, definitely take the time to listen and hear the Customer Policy Joel and Brian are implementing in regard to Customer communication and delivery dates. They've got a great policy and order management system in place to make sure they don't get in over their heads with orders they are unable to fill. If they don't think they can meet a late hour deadline, they will tell you up front and will not take a deposit from you. I've gotten to know these guys over the past few years and I can tell you they are honest and responsible.

            Ken, I don't know if you recall, but we placed "last hour" order from you in the past and you definitely pulled it off for us! Anyone who has never incorporated the Sinnister Scents product into your attraction, definitely consider it! This is a great way to get a huge buzz from the press and media. We marketed our attraction a couple years back as an attraction that "assaults all the senses" with the addition of "Smellorama" and the press and media ate it up! The attention this brought us made the product worth its weight in gold! Which reminds me, I need to get in touch with you for our fall season!

            There are many businesses that I would highly recommend, including the following, listed alphabetically:

            Boneyard FX
            Composite Effects
            Dental Distortions
            Distortions Online
            Elswarro Productions
            Fright Props
            Fox Productions
            Gore Galore
            Ghost Ride Productions
            Ghoulish Gallery
            Hollow 3D Productions
            Midnight Syndicate
            Minions Web
            Morris Costumes
            Oak Island
            Screamline Studios
            Sinnister Scents
            SPFX Masks
            Studiotek FX

            I'm sure I'm forgetting several, but I like to give fedback on my positive experiences with the GREAT vendors I've encountered when an opportunity arises.

            Kelly Allen
            Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction


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              New Guys

              I believe you have to give the new guys, (Waken Included) a shot. For instance, Waken was spawned from a very stable machine design company that has been in business for over ten years. This market just doesn't support companies that lack solid management and business skills. If new companies are bringing products to market in this economy you have to think they are VERY proud of their product and are confident in their skills.

              P.S. Kelly, I'm sure you will add Waken to that list next year!

              Waken Productions


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                Steve, I'll be looking forward to seeing your products at the show!

                Kelly Allen
                Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction


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                  Scents are a little easier to pull off....custom made costumes are going to be tough!!!!

                  Thanks for the kind words though!!!
                  Gee could it get any better than this?