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HauntWorld Magazine Issue 20 Released

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  • HauntWorld Magazine Issue 20 Released

    OKay now PLEASE stop emailing me over and over again asking why is the magazine for sale on the site but not yet shipped to you... LOL LOL LOL

    I must have had 40 emails and another 40 phone calls asking this question! LOL

    This magazine is done, its printed and it has shipped I personally made sure of it... There is about 200 or 300 members of HHA who will get their magazine a bit late only because those where dropped in the mail today after the mail left. Over half of all the magazines where mailed on Monday the other half today Tuesday.

    There where at least 60 plus orders just for the issue alone those also have shipped.

    The magazine is exactly 60 pages in length and it looks like the best magazine we've printed yet. It looks awesome!

    Please send me your feedback once you get the magazine and read through it... I personally read through all the of the Netherworld stories today and I must say I learned something about que line entertainment.

    The whole purpose and direction we took with Netherworld was to have them show you why, teach you why they are successful!

    I think we accomplished that. You be the judge!

    Hauntworld 21 is in the works but going SLLLLLLOOOOWWWW... I doubt this magazine will ship but rather you pick it up at the show. We'll see.

    Larry Kirchner