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    Once we get our new system in place for the directory ALL listings that are NOT featured will be deleted for lots of reasons.

    1) We have a new sign up method and better to put people through the new method rather than leave it at the old.

    2) Many of these listings are probably outdated and old or no longer active

    3) Most listings do not set up their profile right and now you will.

    We know the featured listings are active accounts, good accounts so those will stay all other accounts will get the AXE!

    When? Again as soon as the new system is in place so like in a month.

    If you want to keep your ranking, views, reviews and all of that you'll need to contact us to upgrade to featured listings otherwise you will lose it and you'll have to start over.

    Lastly, under the new process if you don't put the trackback on your profile your profile won't even activate. So every listings that is not featured must have a trackback banner or you can't list.

    This whole move isn't against the FREE listings... actually the opposite.

    Once we put you back through the process you'll have better understanding how to set up your profile than ever before and the site will have better information fresher and more up to date.

    Larry Kirchner