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I need a better adhesive

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  • I need a better adhesive

    So most of the things that I make I put together with hot glue and duct tape. Does any one else know of a good adhesive that is cheap and better then duct tape. Don't get me wrong I love duct tape but I have to use a lot to get things extremely strong. Any ideas help!
    Mr. Horror
    The Eighth Floor of Hell

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    What is it that your doing exactly? If your need to bond something or glue something almost permanately or at least a hell of alot better than super glue or anything. You have to go with liquid nails. It will glue practically anything.
    Damon Carson


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      We use liquid nail which doe's a good job. Also gorilla glue doe's the trick, just using a little can go a long way.
      ~Bill Mlinac
      The Deadland Haunted House


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        Goop glue has the consistantcy of sticky toothpaste and holds the vynl on my car as I drive down the highway at 135 mph! hahahah!
        It also holds the piece of inner tube rubber on the side of my Redwing workboots, saving me spending $250.oo for a new pair.
        I used to sew alot of cloth together now I Goop it instead and save my finger abuse.


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          PL, in the red and yellow tube. You use it just like Liquid nails but it dries faster and is a lot stronger. It bonds to everything. It's a Polyurethane Premium Construction Adhesive.
          It's in the caulking section at your hardware store.

          Larry Carr


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            I have a love hate relation ship with hot glue, its so fast to use but does not hold very long. PL is good stuff I use it alot too. Im also a fan of E-6000 and a cement called BARGE, very high toluene content.
            Super glue gel is nice too. I like spray adhesives as well, with those I find you get what you pay for. with all glues and cement make sure to read the instructions, they vary greatly between products. For instance many folks do not like gorilla glue but they did not wet down the items before glueing them together. If you read the instructions it says to do so. it works much better in the presence of water.
            Good luck if you discover something awesome then let us know,
            Allen H


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              20 years ago I was buying a lot of Liquid Nails, I put some stuff together that should never ever come apart again. Then plans changed, I pulled and the Liquid Nails pulled apart like almost nothing!
              I was distraught!
              Maybe I was buying liquid nails just because of the sexy cowgirl on the tube?


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                Try this website:


                Good advice!
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