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    Jim Warfield, owner of the Ravens Grin Inn Haunted House in Mount Carroll, Illinois
    I worked for 15 of my adult years in my late Father's business (which had also been my Grandfather's business) doing heating and air conditioning .
    I have also worked in a few grocery stores before that and worked in one small factory that used to be located here making ornamental railings and fencing, much of it sold by Sears.
    I have had the Haunted House for 21 years now and this is my only source of income for the last 19 years.(Although I'm waiting for some bail out money too, my corporate jet needs new tires!)
    From the first day I owned this house I have made a conscious effort not to copy what other haunted entertainers are doing.
    My displays and basic concepts ring true with my feelings of what I think should be happening here. If I don't like something then why would I have it here or inflict it upon my paying customers?

    (This is in answer to a question on another thread, but maybe this occupational/experience thread will shed some light on just who is doing what and so on...)

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    On A More Personal note:

    I was the quiet little kid sitting in the corner drawing pictures all day, all through grade and high school.
    People exiting my haunted house have said:"I bet you were the class-clown in school weren't you!"
    No, the class-clown has been living in Alaska for the last 30 years painting barns.
    (He always made us laugh!) (I'm morning his local loss)
    If I had a dollar or two for every time someone said to me that I was "Weird", "Strange", "Crazy", "Different", ex cetra, I would have a nice amount of totally free money I didn't have to sweat to earn, I was just being "Myself"!
    Any others reading this find any thing similair in their history/example?


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      I'm an adjunct communications professor by day, but at night, I slip on a lab coat and slink down to the dungeon to continue my experiments with the dead and supernatural. The haunt started in 1999 and is now a 12,000 square foot facility next to FSU campus.

      I also run a trading card company called (you guessed it) Monsterwax. My background was in TV and film, and I continue to make documentaries on the side. (The last one was on the fundementalist comic book/ tract artist Jack Chick. His controversial tracts are collected for their religious content by believers, conspiracy content by nonbelievers, and cartoon content by comic book fans. Those tracts were all over the place when I went to Auburn and I couldn't stop myself from collecting them.) The next one should be of more interest to the people of this forum, but that's a ways off yet.

      Oh, and Jim, I was one of those class clowns growing up... until my parents had enough and sent me to Wentworth military school. That cured me real fast!
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        As far as the class clown question??? Yep that was me! I started working the day I turned 16 and havent stopped yet. My first job was making garments for the funeral industry and lining caskets. I guess that warmed me up for the haunt industry. lol I have had many jobs in many fields from security,construction, autobody,electrical,theatre lighting and sound and for the last 22 years in the machinist and tool and die trade. Theres not many things I cant build because of my experience but I am always looking to learn new ways to build our haunt and welcome any new ideas my crew has. They are a great asset to Fearfest THANKS GUYS AND GALS!!!
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        Greg Allen


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          My name is Patrick Barberry, a 24 year-old haunt operator in Baltimore, MD. I have gone to haunted attractions since I was 8 years old. The first one I went to was on my Father's Farm (where I currently hold my haunt) back in 1992. The trail was more than 1.5 miles long with about 12 skits. The operator of that haunt decided he wasn't going to pay his bills, and stuck everyone else for the check while he jetted out of town.
          15 years later, I graduated from a local university in Maryland with a business degree with every intention of opening my own haunt. My father and I teamed together by putting together the "Legends of the Fog" haunt on his 800 acre farm. It's been a tiring 2 years, but we're here to stay.
          Patrick Barberry



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            Forums are all about an "on-line community", and this really helps place a person behind the screen name. But why is most everyone waiting for everyone else to post first? Over a hundred and twenty five views, but just four posts-- obviously people want to know their forum neighbors or they wouldn't be reading this thread. So don't just consume the information, leave a little about yourself. We promise not to turn you in to the authorities. (Fingers crossed.)


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              Originally posted by monsterwax View Post
              We promise not to turn you in to the authorities. (Fingers crossed.)
              Well as long as no one knows my alias, Captain Spaulding, then I should be safe from the feds. Oops, I shouldn't have said that....where's that damn delete button...

              Anyways...I did my first haunt when I was just a wee lad for the Boy Scouts...I don't know how I managed to convince them to let me do this, but somehow I did. I suppose I should have actually asked for some money to start it. So everything was donated, and thus we made a profit of $5. Woo! Of course, they doesn't take into account all the stuff we accidentally broke in this guy's basement.....I wonder why he didn't let us use his basement the next year.

              Many years later I wind up in the entertainment industry. 8 years of sound and lighting experience, production manager at a local concert venue, ran a production company doing sound and lighting for some random events but mostly producing concert events. And now I'm a computer programmer for a direct mail company.

              Audio Guru
              Lighting Designer


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                I'm Arthur, I often register on forums and fiction writers' corners using my pen name - Arthur Not King (previously I participated in poetry contests, additionally tried my best to write non-fiction for writemyessaytoday academic writing and scholarships, and college writing competitions, of course). Two months ago I finished my first fiction novel - a gothic story about a haunted house with its creatures and history. Now, I'm looking for the tips and guides how to become a self-published author, and it seems to me a painstaking task indeed.
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