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    Amazing, just amazing. Hope to see your place in person some day! Or if you need makeup or supplies

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      Thanks again guys. I'm busting at the seams with photos so here are a few more with answers to your questions.

      The ghost's arms came from this monster I used in my home haunt. After using this pumpkin guy for 3 years it was time for a change. I just stripped the corn stalks off and painted the hands white and continued to use the old arms and hands. The arms are made of pink foam insulation with electrical conduit running through them for strength. Rope runs through the middle to hold them together. The foam is glued together with Liquid Nails. The details are too much to go into here but the ghost is covered with painters plastic and cheese cloth. Check out how it looks when the wind is blowing!

      We kept the candles lit by placing them in small glass jars on windy nights. It takes a few people over an hour to light them all.

      2005 pumpkin monster at the home haunt. Arms were used for the new ghost in 2006.

      Construction of the ghost head in the cellar.

      Different lighting and camera angles provide a more evil look.

      This thing looks insane when the wind blows!


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        Our haunt is open for two weeks during the day for people to tour with kids or that don't want to be scared at night. The only thing with that is, I have to make every thing look good during the day also so it's more work hiding wires and detailing things you wouldn't notice at night. Here are a few day shots of this year.

        Entrance to the pine bough tunnel. Scary as hell at night. It took one huge pine tree to get enough boughs to make the tunnel. It smelled awesome as well and people loved it.

        Some people didn't even want to go in the tent during the day.

        This tree monster was a bitch to carve because of the height. The kicker was I ran out of time to light the thing so not many people saw the detail but it still looked cool in low light.

        It's crazy how the place transforms at night with all the lighting on. It takes forever and tons of heavy duty cords to light the whole place up and I run out of stuff every year.


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          This is an old monster that needs replacing. I was able to get one more year out of him by making this wall in front and using different colored lights than every other year.

          I made a bunch of these tiki torch heads this year. I thought they would look really cool once they were lighted. The problem was the flame cast such a shadow on the head you could hardly see them. I can fix that next year with more lighting in front of them. For now I can use the photos for posters and other promo material.

          Tiki head colorized for promo.

          This one is my favorite. Dan captured all the detail in this extream close up.


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            I am in awe... it's just a little too much for words! The pure size of your stuff.. just... just.... damn! Most impressed! -Tyler
            Chris Riehl


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              Wow, you think big.


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                I want to see this haunt more than any other. Too bad you guys are so far away. I had a few of the same concepts with the pumpkins lining the road but your creative team just blows my mind. Everything has an organic feel and therefore much more creepy. It looks seamless as if you didn't even have to try. And that's just what I can see from the photos and promos on the site. Love your work.
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                  Thanks for the reply!! Please keep posting pictures!!


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                    Here's a few more.



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                      I absolutely love it all. But my favorites are definately the tree monsters.
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                        Those are some really great pictures Eric. Is there anything you all dont make? LOL! How do you find the time? Im sure it saves some money in the long run.! I love the lighting in your pics. What do you use exactly? The lights seem very bright in the pics. Also what is it you put on the props to make say that giant pumpkin ect. Ive seen you carve it out on the Hauntworld vids ect. Is it Joint compound? On the smaller props I see you use alot of spray foam. How did jumping out the mouth of your stage go with the chainsaw this year?! Look like you had a great show this year! The place looks more lit up than a Christmas park! Love it!
                        Damon Carson


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                          It is really tough to find the time to make all this stuff. I usually don't sleep much and run out of time for all the props I have on the drawing board every year but the patrons don't know what I had planned. I'm really looking forward to next year when I can revamp the old monsters with new ones and add more detail to the haunt now that I have the circus tent and tower built. They took a huge chunk of time this year. Making my own stuff saves tons of money and gives the haunt it's unique look.

                          For lighting I use many different kinds. Anything from simple colored stake lights to big street light type lamps with colored gel over them. Sometimes Halogen work lights with black wrap and colored gel work well also. You have to build a buffer zone away from those type with the Black Wrap Cinafoil and gaff tape because the gel will just melt if it's too close to the hot bulb. The photographers do almost too good a job capturing all the light with long exposures but the haunt is bright in spots and very dark in others.

                          I like to coat props like the big pumpkin with Liquid nails and a thick coat of laytex paint followed by spray paint. It makes it very weather proof and lasts for years. I buy the gallon buckets of Liquid nails and smear it on with rubber gloves.

                          I totally ran out of time to make the platform safe enough to jump out of. I had it half 3/4 of the way done. It needed to be braced more and lighted so I could see where I was jumping but I had to pull the plug because I would have killed myself the way it was. The lights were shining right in my eyes creating a blind spot on the landing area. We still had an actor up there with a microphone playing to the crowd. It turned out really cool. I need better lights on it for next year to make it more dramatic. The deep red gel that I used kind of washed out all the detail but it looked good. There's always next year to improve upon it, I still whirled the saw around in the mouth but just went back inside.

                          The weather held out so it was an awesome season, thanks for the good words.

                          Here's a few more construction photos and a cool black and white 15 minute exposure to get the star trails.

                          Scale model and tower in the background

                          We built half of the face on the ground and hoisted it up. It was hot as hell that day! I was nervous the ropes or pulley's would break on the way up.

                          Circus tent being built.

                          Cool timed exposure by Dan Plumpton.



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                            I really like the detail of the rope holding the tree's mouth shut! I'm also enjoying the pics of the "work in progress".

                            A lot of people voted for Haunted Overload in the "What should be in Haunt World #20" thread. I'm really hoping you end up in the magazine!