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Terror Behind the Walls CLOSES for 2020 - Who else is considering the same thing?

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  • Terror Behind the Walls CLOSES for 2020 - Who else is considering the same thing?

    Did anyone hear this news? Who else is considering the same thing?

    If this happens vendors might not come back to Transworld it could be LIGHTS OUT for this industry. We don't have the money to survive something like this.

    Larry Kirchner

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    We have some sad news to share. The financial impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced us to suspend Terror Behind the Walls for 2020.

    Preparations for TBTW were underway for months, but we ultimately determined that modifying the attraction to comply with anticipated COVID-19 guidelines would have presented significant operational challenges and financial risk to Eastern State.

    Instead, Eastern State will offer smaller-scale evening tours of the penitentiary this fall. More details to come.

    It’s a sad day at Terror Behind the Walls. We hope to share some good news with you soon.
    Larry Kirchner


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      It was a difficult decision to cancel the 30th season of Terror Behind the Walls, but it was the right decision for our organization.

      As I’ve said in every seminar I given, I am happy to share what has worked for us, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for your operation. Every business is unique and there were many factors that were taken into account when making this decision. As you probably know, Fear Factory in Salt Lake City successfully opened last month for a special event. Our decisions should not be taken as a blanket recommendation for the industry. Each attraction must weigh the potential risks and rewards for opening this Fall and make the decision that best suites their business model and operations.

      You can read our full statement here.

      Brett Bertolino
      Terror Behind the Walls
      Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site, Inc.