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Covid 19 - ticketing development

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  • Covid 19 - ticketing development

    We must move forward and prepare for a possible opening in October. It WILL be a new “normal”
    so we need to be proactive to organize and develop procedures NOW!!

    TICKETING: ticketing will be one of the biggest concerns and one that will need a lot of outside help.
    Several companies are now working on this, but while they will be good at the technical aspect they
    will need OUR operational input or we will end up with a product that may not fulfill our needs.

    While Facebook groups are good for their intended purpose, this Forum is the best format for a lengthy
    discussion that the ticket companies can readily, easily and quickly refer to to get our input.

    So what do YOU see we will need in a ticketing system to deal with the Covid concerns??The more input
    we can provide the better the final product. Let’s make this as efficient as possible. Please look over the
    posts and then only add NEW ideas or concerns. There is no need to waste time and space just agreeing
    with previous posts or bantering issues. Let's provide good feedback so we can get the best systems
    possible! If your idea or concern isn’t listed yet, please list it. Let’s make this very easy for the ticket developers,
    they have their work cut out for them!!

    We will be dealing with two main issues
    TICKETING: how the system functions and
    OPERATION: how WE implement that system.

    IF you are posting an idea or concern to address start your post with either header so it’s easier to follow.
    If you are just providing feed back to develop an idea being discussed just make a normal post.

    What are YOUR ideas and concerns??? Let’s make this work and salvage some sort of season!!!
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

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    I’ll start things off!! So far discussions in other web seminars and such have brought up several ideas on dealing with social distancing:
    • Almost exclusively on-line ticket sales
    • Notification system to text message patrons to move into the holding que in front of the haunt.
    • Cross scheduling with multiple attractions
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV


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      How do we want to sell tickets?? Normally it's just a ticket for each person, but with the restrictions being implemented we are now really selling a "TIME SLOT" . Since we can't put people together to fill a group we are being limited on throughput. So why would you put just one couple through when we could have put a group of 6??? Perhaps we just sell a time slot or a group entry. We set a specific cost of that slot, say the equivalent cost of 4 people, let's use a normal of $25 a person. The customer buys that slot. It costs $100 (a normal 4 person group). If just one couple buys the slot it effectively costs them $50 each. IF they get a second couple to go with them, the cost breaks down to $25 each. Perhaps we set a maximum group size of 6. IF the patron get a 3rd couple to go with them it's still a $100 so it breaks down to about $17 each so they providing their own discount!

      This way WE are not controlling the groups, the customer must either create their own group which THEY control or they pay for the privilege of going through alone. We get a set price for each group and don't have to worry about any discounting.

      For the ticketing procedure the customer buys a time slot, THEY must show up with their entire group at the designated time, one scan and the group enters.
      R&J Productions
      Las Vegas, NV


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        We're getting TONS AND TONS of people signing up right now for

        We just added a new features called GROUP SCAN... 1 person buys say 9 tickets, you scan one ticket for everyone. We have the best system by far, and haunts keep their service fees, use their own credit card processing, box office is free, for only 35 cents per main event ticket.

        We also added dynamic pricing, timed ticketing, and everything between. We're here to save the haunt industry money, no make that MAKE YOU MONEY!

        Have you heard about this goofs at Showtix... this is what I was told anyway. Because they supposedly fear tons of cancellations, they don't give you your money until after the person completes the events. I don't use their service so I don't know for a fact this is true but someone who does use them told me that. That is NUTS!

        Furthermore some of these ticket companies use the sales pitch that your ticketing is FREE we only charge your customers... right.

        YOU KEEP those service fees, last year we made $80,000 in service fees why would you like a ticketing company keep that money. That is INSANITY!

        As to Rich's comments, I think it's too early to decide how to sell tickets. I think we need to wait until late July and see what is happening.

        But the good news is to Rich's point, you should consider ALL OPTIONS especially if it's the difference of opening or not opening.

        Larry Kirchner


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