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Lack of EPS Vendor options to the haunt industry.

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  • Lack of EPS Vendor options to the haunt industry.

    Wondering why there are no vendors out there that offers basic architectural pieces made of EPS to the industry? Iím talking things like larger columns, pillars, plinths, gothic arches and windows, corbels, moulding, carved elements to add to doorways or tombstones etc. Seems like if I needed some 8í-12í pillars or an archway or a large cross or obelisk I should be able to find one from a haunt vendor. It can be basic and unpainted even and allow for us to make them our own. I know the bulk of what drives up costs for people who carve foam is the finishing work, but most times we can finish it ourselves.


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    I think the biggest thing is shipping kills for stuff like that. If you're not familiar, my buddy Kevin McMullen of Darkwood Designs debuted some large Egyptian statues at Transworld.

    He should be able to make anything you can think of - And then some!
    Zach Wiechmann


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      I buy from Universal Foam.


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        Thanks Phil, I visited their website it looks like they only sell the foam, not custom shapes or props. Did I miss something on there?



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          That is a good point. A vendor like that might clean up at Transworld.


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            No doubt about it. Like I said even if it were to be made in raw foam and we could buy it and then coat and paint it ourselves, why hasnít anyone donít this yet?