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  • Spark Gloves

    There was a vendor who made "Spark Gloves" where each glove had a wire that would connect to the gloves and run through your shirt sleeve and then connect to a battery pack. Does anybody remember the name of the company? Are they even still around? Thanks in Advance

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    Ghost Ride makes them.


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      Your thinking of Shot in the Dark Scare Tools. I just messaged Mike and he is currently taking a break from being a vendor and enjoying life. He did say that hed like to start back up but has No Timetable to do so. I love his products, everything I have still works as great as new. The last goodie was a cool little flame thrower, much better than Boring Companies. Hope this helps


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        Are you saying Ghost Ride Productions is taking a break? That is the first I heard of that!!! He sells slider gloves I'm 110% of that. Larry
        Larry Kirchner


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          No Mike from Shot in the Dark had made the Horns with the strobe lights, devils spit flame thrower, ammo boxes with horn and strobe along with the Spark Gloves. The first version you held rods or all metal weapons and they showered sparks. The updated version had metal at the dens of the fingers with wires that connected to a 12v battery. You could rub your hands together and shower sparks. Ghost ride is very busy, the just Stopped taking orders for Halloween delivery and they Do make the Slider Gloves with the magnesium? attached for sparks.


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            I bought some from Ghost Ride this year.