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Good source for patina paint? Larry K.?

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  • Good source for patina paint? Larry K.?

    Can anyone recommend a good patina paint and source? Larry, what did you use for your faves at Transworld if you donít mind me asking?

    thanks in advance,


  • #2 has all kinds of Metal Masters paint. Did you try there?


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      Have you used the modern masters patina paint? They arenít cheap so Iím hoping someone has used it and can give their opinions. Thanks


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        What are you painting? I've found that latex paint can achieve a similar look with much less cost.
        Zach Wiechmann


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          Some latex decor and vacform.


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            Honestly these days I'm buying everything from Amazon because its easier. Personally I'm not sure how companies like Fright Props can compete because Amazon is on a mission to sell like everything. When we build escape rooms we even get a lot of the electronic parts from them... they have almost everything. I don't hardly use any haunt supply company anymore I just find things so fast on Amazon. Here is the deal for me, I'm super busy, and I'm like a one man show. So I just jump on Amazon and see if they have it ... order it and move on. I get all my haunts lighting on their site, I buy fog machines from them, camo netting, paintball equipment, I mean honestly what don't they have?

            They sell all kinds of paints, make up and more. For me its just easy and fast.

            I'm getting Modern Masters paint from them off
            Larry Kirchner