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The Funniest "Drop-Picture!"

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  • The Funniest "Drop-Picture!"

    Earlier today my Wife put her little female cat into a nylon snap-up cat cabin(Wally-World, $2.98?) then she put a small, light weight blanket drooped down over it to hide the round "window" to hide her from the bigger cat that seems to pick on her all the time.
    The hiding place was secure (the big cat is not too smart) the kitten was left alone.
    We came back home and the big cat was sitting near the cat cabin, having no idea what was going on...I bumped the furniture and the little blanket slid down exposing the round window and the kitten who had been anticipating an attack, I guess, and her claws and paws were already a blurr coming out of that window!
    The bigger cat jumped back and retreated with no thought of attacking her, surprise was the major deciding factor, I laughed and then told Jessica, "It's a drop-picture!"

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    Nice, we knew it was just a matter of time......
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