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New MMA fight club

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  • New MMA fight club

    Any fans of MMA out there?
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    And the food for the crowd would be boiled corn on the cobb.
    Cuts from the corn ears could be bloody nasty.
    Some women might not want to attend who have had recent bad relationships since the whole field would be full of "Stalkers".
    Half-time entertainment could be a charity Father -son Football game the Raccoons versus the Possuums, dig those howling Coyote cheerleaders!
    All events would be taking place in the middle of the cornfield in the dead-center of Crop Circle Stadium.
    Lighting furnished by UFO Mothership ariel products.
    The next morning everyone's memory of that night will have been erased, now what does Mr. Tuxedo do with all of those eraser-less pencils?


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      I just pissed on myself laughing!!!!I want to be in the first round!!!!! Also I want to take on 2 at one time no names yet please just think about it. Here is a plug DONT FORGET ABOUT THE SHOA SOUTHERN HAUNT OWNERS ASSOCIATION! Shane Graystone Manor