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Attendance Report? Any Indication Good or Bad Year?

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  • Attendance Report? Any Indication Good or Bad Year?

    I was just wonder how everyone was doing good or bad?

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    So far not good worse than last year. The Darkness is doing about the same or slightly up, Lemp us way down, and Creepyworld is way down. St Louis has had alot of rain. So its hard to say what the real score is until it stops raining. I think these hurricanes in Florida are probably causing a lot of rain across the board.

    Larry Kirchner


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      Attendance Reports

      Indoor/Outdoor Park here in SW PA. We are slightly up from last year, so far. However, many of the haunts in my local area have reported much lower attendance. The rain this year has wreaked havoc on smaller haunts, especially those that are complete outdoor (trails, etc). I've even seen a few that closed a day or two so far due to wet/muddy conditions. We stay open, but the maintenance costs have definitely been higher. With more rain and colder days approaching, it will be interesting to see we fair when the final season totals come in.


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        good here

        We do a small haunted train ride here in southern Wisconsin. We are only open the last 3 weekends of October, so last week was our opener. We had a fantastic turn out on Saturday, and very good attendance on Sunday. We are at capacity, but we sold out at 8:00 on Saturday. First time that has happened, so I would say we are up....


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          ranking lower half of 18 years.

          Only due to weather. I get newsletter from farming industry where farmers like myself chime in from across the nation. Iowa, Ind, Ill, MO, Michigan all saying worst harvest weather they can remember. My father is 76 and this is absolute worst soybean harvest season we have ever had. We figure we started bean harvest 39 days late this year in central Michigan. We have not had 2 sunny days in a row since early Sept. Beans need to be dry to harvest. Instead they are getting rained on 2-3 times a week MINIMUM....and then no sun to dry. We have beans rotting on the stalk. Corn is actually sprouting inside the husk still attached to the stalk. This last Saturday..the big day of the year....they evacuated Spartan Stadium during the U of M -MSU game from thunderstorm that marched 20 miles directly to me from the stadium. Trees down, power out, then sleet. Actor managers driving on way here and I was on phone with the wife and I heard he say to husband 'We need to get off the highway NOW!" Highways were getting sleet and bad travel. I threw in the towel and cancelled though I had the largest groups booked of the year. I do not expect to get all my wheat planted this fall. That goes in after soybeans come off.

          Side note; Wicked Farmer got a jury summons for July. Told them I needed to delay until Dec. - March and could not do during wheat harvest; but actually did not mind serving at all. Jury clerk got all huffy and said we can not sdo that you will report in Nov. and you only get one postponement 'So make needed arrangements to make sure you are there". Wicked Farmer has a sponsor now and bill introduced in Michigan granting farmers option to postpone jury duty till winter months. Michigan recently did this for students allowing them to postpone to summer months when school not in session. Oh is that Jury clerk going to be pissed when sher gets my notice back to her in a few weeks. I am hoping they try to punish me for no show. Farmer groups are lining up to pounce.

          Wicked Farmer


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            Other than the Friday that were closed (still digging out from aftermath of Hurricane Michael), attendance is up!


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              The Florida Amusement Parks have all been up. Can't speak to exact numbers but it's more crowded than previous years for sure.
              Universal added more houses then ever, and just added more days to the event. They have also sold out a few nights.


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                Here in Michigan we are about the same or up slightly from last year. It has rained nearly every Saturday, and some Fridays and Sundays as well. When it was 60 out it was OK, but now that nighttime temps are getting into the 30's it can be rough. I've heard a lot of other haunts in the area are down, though.
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                  Update: I'd say our attendance is up slightly, but due to weather we lost a really big night. Hard to make that up. Our secondary haunts are doing way better almost up 40%.

                  We're doing a lot of things this year to increase revenue. I might do a seminar on that.

                  Darkness attendance will be UP for the year.

                  Lemp will be up because it was only open two weeks last year but down from the year it was open for the whole season.

                  Creepyworld might end up down because of rain. Creepyworld is really impacted by rain because its mostly outside.

                  Larry Kirchner


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                    The Darkness celebrates its 25th year and our attendance there is up! Overall I think the Darkness will be up around 15%. Creepyworld will also be up from last year but not a ton. Lemp will be up only because it was only open two weekends last year, but will be down overall from the year before that. I'll be honest I'm ready for the season to be OVER!

                    Larry Kirchner


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                      We've been dropping by about small percent each year for three years now. This year we are currently at about 10x less than what we've been dropping by those years.. gotta turn things around somehow.


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                        Rain - Down a bit

                        We're in northern Virginia, all outdoor event. Attendance will be down a bit. Had to close last Friday and Saturday looked iffy to people so attendance was half of what we expected. Looks like we'll be closed this friday, but open saturday. 2017 had almost perfect weather for us, we didn't expect a repeat of that. We did have sell out nights early in the season though, October 6th, so we're not down because people don't want to come.
                        Lucas Cox
                        Cox Farms


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                          up year!

                          nebrakska haunt here, half indoor with backyard. weather has been absolutely amazing this year(Surprisingly for Nebraska in OCT) and we finally hit the goal of attendance my haunt owner has been looking for since she opened 5 years ago.. pretty pleased!
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                            Lots of rain at different points of the season but overall a better year than the previous season. Our attendance went up about 1,500 people.