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Fire at Ed Edmunds' business

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  • Fire at Ed Edmunds' business

    Ed Edmunds was panicked when he heard about the fire at his downtown business, Distortions Unlimited.

    The first on the scene, Greeley police reported the overnight fire was in the alley on the north side of Distortions Unlimited, 517 13th St., and it appeared to be spreading into the building. Edmunds said he had been painting a puppet theater earlier in the night to prepare for Monster Day on Saturday.

    "I had put the puppet theater right where that fire was," he said.

    Greeley police and firefighters are investigating the fire as suspicious. Greeley Fire Department spokesman Pete Morgan said firefighters were called to the blaze just after 12:10 a.m. Monday. He said a passerby alerted authorities to the fire.

    Morgan said firefighters were able to quickly knock down the fire and prevent much of it from spreading to the inside of the building.

    "This is what we call a good stop," Morgan said, noting if the fire had burned much longer, it had the potential to become a massive blaze.

    All told, about 25 firefighters and eight firetrucks were called to the scene. Units remained on scene for about two hours, Morgan said.

    Morgan said the exterior of the building was damaged, and there was some fire damage inside, though most of the damage inside the building was from smoke. He said there also was damage to a fan inside the building. Initial estimates place the cost of the damage at roughly $30,000, Morgan said.

    Edmunds said he and others at Distortions Unlimited won't let the fire tamper with their Monster Day preparations, having secured the place a couple hours after the fire and returning to operations as normal by mid-morning.

    "We gotta keep going," he said. "Anything in the entertainment business seems like its always down to the last wire."

    Morgan said investigators believe the fire began in two discarded mattresses in the alley, which Edmunds said were placed earlier in the day by a passerby. Greeley police Sgt. Jon Baker said police are unsure whether the fire was arson. Edmunds said the department did an excellent job informing him about the fire and quickly knocking out the blaze.

    "The fire department really saved the day and saved Monster Day, too," he said.

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    I hate to hear that a fire happened. Iím glad they got it stopped and didnít do more damage. Still terrible. They seem like good people from what I see from YouTube.


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      That sucks! I didn't hear about that. Hopefully it didn't slow down their business. Larry
      Larry Kirchner