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How can I pull off this effect?

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  • How can I pull off this effect?

    Had a great idea for a bathroom effect. My haunt is theamed to represted an actual haunted house. Living room, bed rooms ect. each room with a story to tell. Anyways this is the scare...

    Audience walks into the bathroom and clearly hears the shower running. They can see the silouette of a girl in the shower. The "shadow" picks up a knife a slits her wrist. At that moment a splattering of blood hits the shower curtain and runs down the inside of the curtain. mabey 2 seconds later, the shower current flings open to a loud scream and a short strobe light effect revealing the shower to be completely empty.

    The only part that has me a little stumped is projecting the moving shadow onto the shower curtain. I sort of have a half cocked idea about how but I don't operate half cocked. If any of you can offer any advice for this effect it would be appreciated

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    Maybe a better image could be projected if the wall of the shower was hinged, left open to provide a better angle, larger distance from the projector to the shower curtain, then the wall/door quickly closed before the curtain opens.


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      You could have an actual actor in there with a light cast upon them to create the shadow. Have the lights go out long enough for the actor to slip out a false wall/hidden doorway, have the strobe come on, curtain fling open, voila, the person is gone.
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        technical or not?

        This illusion could be pulled off by using electronics or using actors. And could be pretty complicated due to all of the segements your trying to achieve i.e.- sound of water, figure in the shower, illusion of blood hitting the curtain, curtain opening with nothing behind it. Brake it down accomplishing one piece at a time! Water sounds- stereo of course, look of steam from the water- drill multiple holes in the shower curtain rod pipe a low volume fog machine to the end of the curtain rod cued by actor or computer (boo-box), figure in the shower- projecting a figure with a projector or create the back wall of the shower using a semi-transparent material, I like using florecent light covers found in most office's it will take several! With the lights on in front it will look like a wall, project a light from behind the covers and the actor presto you get a shadow figure. Spring load the shower curtain so when your ready to open it, it flings rapidly to one end. and to squirt water or blood use a submersible pump in a bucket of liquid of your choice control it by a foot switch or (boo-box). This may be to slow syringes and turkey basters work well and give a good blood squirting effect. The shadow of the blood would probably be your hardest issue! if you use fake blood on any surface you will immediately have to clean it so your next group through doesn't see the left over's. I'm not sure if water will cast the shadow you want though, it might but I'm not sure never attempted to cast a shadow of liquid. Finally it will be up to you to get the timing and the perfect lighting conditions to bring it all together. It would be a fun project to work on!! Good Luck with it!! These are just my initial thoughts with out testing any of this, but in theory I think it could work!


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          Not sure how to explain this, But perhaps one step further from the post above using a projector, Film the entire thing. project it onto the shower curtain, your shadow, your blood splatter everything, the effect of the shower......etc etc.
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            I would certianly project this effect, if you have a projector to work with.

            Do like Bodybagging says, but don't forget the adjust the keystone of the video in your video editing software to compensate for the odd position that the projector will have to be in to actually do the projection.

            Some projectors have the ability to adjust the keystone as well, but it probably is not enough.

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              put an add in the local obituary section and hire a ghost to pull off the trick. I heard they are hard to come by but when u get one they work cheap!

              jk good luck with the project and post pictures once u get it going!

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                Well, this may sound like a silly question but is this an actual house with running water and all that?

                If it's feasible given the size and access of the room the false wall and actor sounds like the best way to go. Your actress could control everything you need (including the fog machine) and if you have running water and drainage she should be able to do a quick clean-up between groups.

                Any way you work this one it's going to require a butt load of timing and rehearsal.


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                  Thanks for the info, some great ideas that I had not even considered. I think I will go with the idea of the closing wall behind the tub with a live actor in front of a projected light source. Should work well. Again thanks so much for all the great ideas and Happy Haunting


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                    Rear projection

                    I think a rear screen projection would be the most controllable ways to do the effect you are looking for. Put up a transparent shower curtain that has been frosted and dirtied up to look well used. Make the back wall of the the shower stall a rear projection screen and project your images onto that. A rear projection screen can be made as simply as stretching a sheet over a wooden frame. And I have seen video projectors at Staples for about $400.00. And with this technique you could do an additional effect; when the shower curtain is pulled away, the back wall is shown spattered with blood that fades away before the audience's eyes.


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                      ..and after you have figured all of this out, adjusted the variables of spray and lighting you may find that you should have began by using an antique claw-foot tub, then work on having the tub chase them out of the room. (running on it's little claw-feet, of course!) They would NEVER forget it!


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                        I don't think I will ever forget it, just from READING about it. The little pitter-patter of metalic claw feet running the tub across the floor? MY GOD THAT'S FIENDISH! But did I have to read about it at midnight? Now I have to go to bed and dread the next eight hours of nightmares!