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  • *Scam Alert* Ghost Ride Productions

    Just a heads up to anyone who might be a customer of Ghost Ride productions.
    I placed an order for something they said was in-stock in AUGUST, and since then I've tried contacting them several times only to be ignored, I've been lied to, gotten the run around etc.

    I paid an exorbitant shipping rate, and still no shipment. I just filed a complaint with the BBB, and I'm now going to make the rounds to warn others. It doesn't take a whole lot of professionalism to simply deliver on what you promise.

    All you folks who run a haunted attraction, what would happen if you sold someone a ticket, and then for no reason decided NOT to honor that ticket? Would you do that? Doubtful.
    I know I know, professionalism in this industry is fleeting (at best)... Not sure why that is, but if you cannot simply handle your business, you don't deserve to be entrusted with people's money.

    And before you ask- what I ordered is of zero relevance. It was advertised as in-stock, it was confirmed to be shipping weeks ago, and here I am still without it.

    CHOOSE very carefully who you entrust with your money. I placed an order with Fright Props a week and a half ago, and received timely updates, tracking, and it's scheduled to be delivered today. Hopefully it will be complete, but if there's an issue, based on my emailed questions prior to ordering, I'm already confident he'll be a stand-up guy and take care of it. Oh yeah, that order I placed with Fright Props would have probably gone to Monster Guts, but they took over a week to answer one simple question. I ended up surfing around and found that Frightprops had everything I needed and more, and my email inquiry was answered in a timely manner- even though I KNOW he's busy as heck right now.

    Professionalism people, you have every right to expect it when you're giving your hard-earned money to a vendor.

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    I have dealt with Ghost Ride for years and NO ONE is more ethical than Ghost Ride NO ONE! They are in the top 5 best vendors in this industry bar none!

    Have you tried calling Mike directly or sending an email directly to him. He would take care of this issue the same day. Larry
    Larry Kirchner


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      Thanks for your reply, but I stand by everything I said. You're a well known industry leader, and your experience anywhere in the haunt industry is not necessarily indicative of anyone else's real-world experience. Try placing an order under an unknown name. I suspect you'll feel my pain, and have a different opinion of how "ethical" they are. I am a lowly enthusiast with a lowly budget and zero industry clout. I'm telling you what my experience was, as an honest person who is frustrated with being jacked-around and lied to.

      I have called, I have emailed... MANY times. I even tried to contact them again just before posting this! I don't know anyone named Mike, but the person I did speak to, promised me it would be shipped 2 fridays ago, then they conveniently stopped returning my correspondence(s).

      You should know that this is the THIRD year I've ordered from them, and the third year the service has sucked and took FOREVER, but I give folks the benefit of the doubt, to my detriment. At least in the past I received my orders. Now I have to file a complaint the BBB and my credit card company... And scramble for another solution.


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        Correction: I now realize I paid with paypal, and the 45 day dispute period has long passed. I now officially have no recourse.
        Ethical? I feel like I've been robbed.


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          I've never had a problem with Ghost Ride. They are great to work with and do perfect work. Simply reach out to Mike he'll take care of any issue you might have.


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            Thanks Haunted Mansion...

            Does anyone have contact info for this Mike person? Please inbox me and I'll reach out to him directly, as yet ANOTHER umpteenth last ditch effort.

            Apparently he's the man to talk to? Does he own the company? Does he have NO idea his company has been on the receiving end of my many correspondences calling and emailing?
            How large is the company, that he hasn't already seen one of my emails?

            Thus far I have only received the run around & lies.
            So if anyone has his info I'd sincerely appreciate it. I'm more than happy to work it out!


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              Got mine

              Sorry to hear about your order...i placed an order on monday by email, tuesday they said its done i paid by paypal , shipped wednesday i got it friday.. Its was very small order, but im happy with ghost ride...


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                I placed an order with Ghost Ride and today it showed up at my door... late order but they still come thru. I'm sure there is some miscommunication here. Would you like me to Call Mike for you? Larry
                Larry Kirchner


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                  Very odd. I have always gotten great service and communication from Ghost Ride on all my purchases.


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                    I just want to see if this is correct you ordered a single haunt award, he told you they needed to make a new mold, they did sent you your award and gave you a second one for the wait. Can you confirm this was what you ordered. I talked to Mike last night.

                    He said he has no outstanding orders. If this is the case I think SCAM ALERT was way harsh and should be removed.

                    I was just at the 2015 IAAPA show and there was companies who said they placed orders with one animation company from our industry, and that company delivered NOTHING. I hear the same thing every single year I go to IAAPA and I mean EVERY SINGLE YEAR someone says this one company takes their money and either delivers NOTHING or delivers stuff that breaks and they can't get that company on the phone to help them. I would call that type of service SCAM... when in our industry we do in fact have vendors who scam people take tens of thousands and deliver nothing, its really harsh to say over a haunt awards there is a scam going on. We need to keep up the value of our vendors who do a great job not put them down... additionally not take very serious comments made by people like SHANE who slam vendors all the time yet doesn't pay his bills. You have to take all this stuff with a grain of salt.

                    Ghost ride is one of the best vendors hands down... we can make a list of the really horrible ones I hear about it every IAAPA show. Its NOT Ghost Ride.

                    Larry Kirchner


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                      I've placed a couple orders with them and they delivered just fine. I think they are one of the better companies in our industry, their work looks really good and they have good prices. I will continue to place orders with them.

                      I hate to see anyone not receive product they paid for but at least be up front with what you bought. The big thing to do now is to come on here and claim fraud but not provide evidence. Someone made themselves well known in this industry doing that on these very forums. That particular case was legit by all accounts. However, that seemed to open the door for people to post stories claiming fraud but don't give all the information.
                      Jared Layman


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                        I will say that they did a great job for me this year. I ordered 10 bodies at TW and they all came in the week after Midwest Haunters Convention. I have a friend though who owns one of the largest haunts in the country that did have problems with his order not coming in till some where around the beginning of September, which surprised me due to the fact that he is such a larger customer than me. I think it may be a little hit or miss with these guys, I know they were really bad a few years ago but it had seemed like they had gotten their act together as of late. Sorry to here about your problem but I am sure that you will get taken care of.