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2015 Insane Shane TransWorld Kickoff Party

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  • 2015 Insane Shane TransWorld Kickoff Party

    Hello everyone!! I am sorry to say the Insane Shane 2015 kickoff party will NOT TAKE PLACE this year. Both Shane and I are deeply saddened by this decision but it couldn't be helped. We both, separately, are dealing with health issues right now and do not have the strength nor time to do all that is needed to prepare. However, Shane does promise that next year the Insane Shane Party will be back with a whole new format. It's going to be huge!! Again we do apologize. So haunt on everyone and we shall see you all in March!!

    Shane Dabbs and Sue Gray

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    So what is wrong with Shane and yourself? I hope you guys are okay! Larry
    Larry Kirchner


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      Waiting for next year!

      Hope you guys get back on the right track for a speedy recovery! I have always enjoyed the party and the amount of work you guys put into it.
      Damon Carson


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        Thanks guys. I will find out more this week as to my health outlook. I think from what the doctors say that all will be OK. My issue is what kind of treatment, how much and how long. I hope to be well enough to attend TransWorld. Right now I can't say 100% if Ill be able to make it. I sure hope so. So say a little prayer if you can. I would surely appreciate it. I look forward to seeing all of you. As for Shane he may have to have minor surgery. He's not sure about that but he is doing OK for right now. I believe both of us will be just fine. Again thank you for understanding. We hate to have to cancel the party. year will be awesome!!

        Love to you all,


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          A well-deserved hiatus

          You guys work so hard on the party, so a year off is well-deserved.

          Look forward to the party coming back bigger & better than ever.

          In the meantime: Sue & Shane, wishing you a fast & full recovery.

          Can't wait to see everyone in St. Louis.

          ___Lee George / 215.525.1300 x129 /