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  • Faux Books / Fake Books

    Anyone have a lead on some very realistic looking faux books?
    Larry Kirchner

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    Try books by the yard or books by the foot on Google. It will give you a couple different places to check out.


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      Faux Books

      Try vacuum form books from Provost Displays. i have seen faux book wall paper before, you could cut scrap. 2x6" pine and glue the wall paper to the splines.


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        I solved the problem thanks for everyones help...

        What I did was contact local antique book stores and found one who was hording a warehouse full and we bought 2000 of them.

        I wanted real books or something that at least looked real.

        Larry Kirchner


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          Yes, "ReaL" Looks so.. "real!"

          Those old Reader's digest combination publications 3-4 "books" in one binding. the saw -down pretty well. Circular saw, small-tooth blade, do it outdoors there will be a mess! I thinned them down so as to not require so much room. I drilled a hole through pushed a threaded steel rod through numerous books bolted it to my shelf.
          As an extra bonus (Warning! FATE at work here!)
          As i was busy sawing all those books down to size, an idle thought found me:"I bet when i get done sawing allof these old books, there will be one title i would have liked to have read!"

          .. and later (Years) as I was walking passed the books a title caught my attention, the book was titled :"The Warfield Syndrome!"
          another couple of years passed.. one night a very attractive young woman really semed to enjoy the house ,after her tour her friends all went to the local Bar, she stayed with me. For some reason i wanted to show her the book i just mentioned that had my last name in the title. As I pointed it out to her, she said, "And look at this book right next to "The WArfield Syndrome" That next book had HEr LAST NAME in it's title! there they were, right beside each other !
          We had a really nice together for a couple of months , then one day she said "Get Lost Loser!"
          Unfortunatly, she WAS talking to ME!
          Oh, well?............
          Like I often remark:"Life Is Strange, IF You Take the Time to notice?" (The odds of our names being positioned next to one another were , what, several million to one? )


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            readers digest

            I use readers digest books too, though I never got a date out of it!
            I also use old cook books. I cover them with paper towels slathered in golden oak gel stain. They look like they are made our of skin.


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              Real Books only way to go!

              For as elaborate a library you plan on doing! I remember when you gave me and our haunt all your old books from the old Darkness. Wow they were heavy! Has to be a way to put them in the bookcases so they don't get thrown on the floor like before. I would say drill a hole and run a iron rod thru them. Or Liquid nail them all together? Just depends on the ones the customers can reach really. If its going to be 20ft tall you wouldn't have to do it to all of them.
              Damon Carson