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Anyone ever have a legal challenge to your billboard advertising?

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  • Anyone ever have a legal challenge to your billboard advertising?

    I thought this was interesting...

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    Do High Schools Still do this?

    In the name of public safety show those old gruesome accident movies to scare new teenage drivers into not speeding?
    I heard about a Radio ad for a haunt in which the deep-voiced announcer basically asks girls to bring their boyfriend along, so "He" (the announcer) can make her boyfriend into "his Bitch!"
    Marketing to the "Just got out of Prison" crowd?
    Free speech on the radio? Sonds kind of.. sexual.?
    Advertising is worthless if it doesnot get noticed . There needs to be contrasting colors on the sign. There needs to a contrast between normal life-experiences and the hyper activity of enjoying a Scary Haunt.


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      Two words...Truck Nuts. Can't drive around without seeing them. Watch TV, Lots of erectile dysfunction going on there. Turn on the local top 40 station, can't go three songs without some kind of sexual reference or a good 'ol fother muckin. Ever watch the news, lots of goodies on there if you're a concerned parent. It's Christmas time now, we gonna have to hear the local strip club running commercials for Toys for Tattas. It's a different world, getting worse by the minute. In a 24 hour news world, everything is news...including that billboard. Cities can pass ordinances at will. The smaller the city/village, etc., the easier it is to enforce.
      Like a midget at a urinal, you gotta be on your toes


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        "Smaller cities, easier to enforce"

        Only because there are fewer lawyers in a smaller city. I know two people right now locally who have local problems they could use a lawyer for, but the local lawyers refuse to take their cases because they don't want to make anybody mad.
        Lawyers in a smalltown are all waiting to handle those "Estates" when Great grandpa kicks the bucket and all of that money is up for grabs,and the lawyer gets his "grab" in there first!


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          West of 95

          West of I 95 people are a little different than those of us east of I 95. We are not so politically correct. It is like two different states. Instead of North Carolina and South Carolina we need West Carolina and East Carolina.


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            We are all DOOMED

            and let the tail wag the dog......geez
            Joe Phillips
            The Shallow Grave
            Winter Haven FL


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              I had someone complain about our billboards a few years ago saying ithey were scaring their kids. That same year I also got complaints about our pizza box top flyers being to scary.
              The next year we toned it down and got a "thank you" from the same people. I asked if they ever came to our haunt they said no so to make a long story short I changed back to a more graphic billboard the next year. lol
              One complainter or two doesnt really make a difference in my eyes.

              Greg Allen


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                Some complainers are just ...

                "AZZ Wholes!" A group of Harley riders came here. At the end of the house tour one woman told my Wife that she "Could never get the time back again that she was going through the house!
                I wonder if she will EVER get the time back that she spent sitting on the back of the Harley to get here?
                Everybody else seemed to really enjoy their experiences here.
                If the experience was So Terrible, why didn't she say something before she saw the entire house?
                No matter what you do, there will always be somebody out there who may be very negative about everything, anything? Just.. because..
                And that is just the way it is... once in a blue moon... on a moonless night... during the 13th month.


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                  I'm all for being tasteful but really? This smacks of the whole Sony-Interview movie fiasco. Where do we draw the line? Do we change are marketing that is aimed at the masses to placate one particular roup or minority?

                  As NSSPOOK said he changed his marketing because he was reacting to someone who wasn't even going to his haunt! Say you are in the Bible Belt, then it makes sense not to focus marketing on religious images or content. Especially if they are part of your target market.

                  The mother needs to take a little responsibilty. Have the daughter turn away or take a different route. As a society we've gotten a bit TOO PC .
                  Afraid to say Merry Christmas... can't mention the Pledge of Alligence.... afraid to offend people who now demand the exact things they came here to escape!

                  Everyone has a choice. Don't like the advertising, don't buy the product. But let people make THEIR own choice, not just conform to yours.
                  R&J Productions
                  Las Vegas, NV


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                    This is ridiculous! That billboard is pretty tame in my opinion. People these days are just looking for anything to complain about, or to sue over. It makes me sick.
                    Tanner Phillips
                    The Darkest Hour