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You Know You're Haunt When????

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  • You Know You're Haunt When????

    When do you know for sure your a haunter... when every building you pass that looks cool you mutter the words "That would make a killer haunted house'. LOL

    We should create a book like the Chuck Norris books... that would be a funny book huh?

    Anyway working on The Darkness tour we have all these bodies piled up on a bed waiting to be installed somewhere. I saw this snapped a pick... you know you are a haunter when... you walk in a room and you have a pile of bodies like this huh?

    Share yours!

    Larry Kirchner

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    I think its funny what we say in what we consider normal conversation that to everyone else must sound crazy.

    "Hey go get me those severed heads in the trailer behind the impaled bodies"

    "did you move those rotted bodies from the kitchen down to the garage?"

    Completely normal conversation to us.



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      That reminds me of a shot from last year -" Max we need to load the dead clowns in the van...."

      Van Clowns.jpg
      Ben Armstrong


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        You know your a haunter when ... you take your girlfriend to watch My Bloody Valentine on Valentines day! LOL

        Haunters can't get away from horror no matter what day it is... with Valentines Day coming up anyone planning a bloody celebration?

        You know your a haunter when your batman utility belt contains no weapons but rather electrical tape, duck tape, zip ties, and super glue! LOL

        Larry Kirchner


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          I'm a haunter in training... Ever since I was a midget little kid the smell of fog machines was one of my favorite things about halloween. So whenever it rains the smell in the air is similar.

          You know your a haunter (or one in training), when you smell the fog in the air around January, you close your eyes for a second and think... GOD I MISS HALLOWEEN!
          Its A Verbal Orgy on Steroids!


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            I know when...

            Somebody says:"Jim wouldn't be afraid walking into that old house.' (I have worked in so many old houses, in basements and crawl spaces Before I had my haunt, and usually ALONE!)
            The looks I got when I could only get 9 1/2 mannequins into my 79 Thunder Bird to drive them home from Fashion Bug. Arms, legs, torsos packed like sardines seen from every window of the car! Fun! Funny! I took pictures!

            "Somebody is going to be making lots of blue-jean jackets."
            "No, we are making bags to put bodies in.. really."
            The older woman working as a clerk in the Fabric store looked down and would not make eye-contact with me or my 9 year-old son after we said that! She never said another word! WOW!?
            You know you are a haunter when you walk out of your house in the morning and someone has "deliverd" a truck load of junk to your yard because "You know how to fix this kind of stuff, and you might be able to use some of these things in your Haunted House!"
            You know you are a Haunter when a local State Policeman calls you and says, "I have something for sale at my yard sale you must buy."
            It was the body-bag from the trunk of his car that had been "riding" too long, folded-up in his trunk. It was the older design with that lonnnng zipper! I did put a body in it, lashed to the roof of my Olds station wagon with a sign on it :"I found Osama Bin Laden!" I drove it everywhere.
            Last and certainly not least by any means, "You know that you are a haunter " When you get done telling some patrons about the ghosts in the house and now some of them say they "Need to leave!" (I already sold them tickets).. and those stories are not just "stories".
            You know you are a haunter via the original definition when people give you the credit for an amazing special effect and it is so special it might require a large bag of big bills to ever make such a thing happen and you did not do it.
            you're a "Haunter" and you bought a Haunted House to do it in!
            "LAZY", huh?
            Maybe the biggest way to "Know" is when you spend so much time laughing, thinking about the silly reactions of the people who paid you to entertain them?
            I know I am a haunter when the compulsion to haunt has made me keep my lights on and door open almost every night for 27 years.
            Yes, that might prove it?
            But then, maybe not?


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              I Forgot ..

              I knew I was a Haunter and "Very Scary Guy" when a State Policeman told others I was "Scary". (The man was a macho-idiot type of Policeman that would be a "Dinosaur" by today's standards,( I should hope).He actually seemed to be So Afraid of me even though I never talked to him, or was withing 70 feet of him (that I know of?) He even told a mutual friend that he was scared of me.. because I bought a haunted, haunted house!?
              He was an aggressive man out "hunting" law-breakers and innocent hapless types and he rode rough-shod over most people, but he gave me a wide berth, would not even look in my direction....
              Lucky ME! hahahah!
              Now.. if I ONLY KNEW how to really do this to people!


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                Originally posted by drfrightner View Post
                You know your a haunter when your batman utility belt contains no weapons but rather electrical tape, duck tape, zip ties, and super glue! LOL


                Yep! Does a staple gun count?


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                  You might be a haunt when:
                  1 - you can't help yourself from looking in someone elses dumpster
                  2 - the smell of something dead makes you realize your low on that smell and need to reorder
                  3 - you buy like 2000 dollars worth of real tile and they don't go in your real bathroom....ZR


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           know you're a real haunter when you'd rather be on these forums than watching some stupid football


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                      Well the score is 36 to 8.


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                        That is also true lol. I only watched it for the halftime show....then saw that insane touchdown....then came on here lol.


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                          you know u haunt

                          When u buy out all the Xmas lights and flicker bulbs on sale at Walmart on sale to use in yr haunt. You know u haunt when u look at stuff to scrap on garbage day. You know you haunt when you watch h.w videos more than prime time t.v. you know you haunt when you are affraid you might get a phone call to be on the next epi
                          sode of horders!
                          Damon Carson


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                            You smell fog juice in the air and instinctively assume the assault position.
                            Matthew Rairden
                            Circle of Ash Haunted Attraction
                            Project Manager
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                              "You Know you are a haunter."

                              When you ask some clerk in a harware store 30 miles from where you live where a certain something is in the store, the clerk listens as they stare at the floor and recognizes just your Voice from the haunted House!
                              (Maybe my voice still haunts his dreams? )