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  • Business Plan help????

    I am looking for some help. I am in the process of relocating to a building that is in the city limits. So I have to meet with the city planning board soon. So my question is, does anyone have a good example / copy of a business plan or guidelines for a haunt. Maybe give me some pointers of what I should cover / or how much detail should be put into it, because I want to make sure I cover enough information and the right information to get the approval. In the past I have been out in the county and I didn't have to worry about that, all I had to make sure is that I met the fire codes. I appreciate any help.

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    Make sure the layout plans are C.A.D. certified. If they are not stamped the city might turn your plans down. In my state if they are not certified they will not even look at them. Also here all halls or doorways have to be 42 inches apart at least. Some cities even have rules about how far apart your emergency exits are. Hope this helps


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      No Other Help

      Thanks for the input.. Just wondering no one else can give help or advise


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        When I went they didn't look much at my plan but wanted a Q&A on how it would work in regards to impacting the town and town resources.


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          Thanks, I hope that is the way it goes for me... I meet with them next Wednesday. It will give me a whole year to get the place ready.


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            Id recommend Kelly Allens book . Its availible on amazon even for the kindle version (kindle windows app is free) . So itd be instant. The book is well worth the Read and has SOO much information that any Haunter needs to know.
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