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Dick Terhune - Voice From Hell - AMAZING!!!

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  • Dick Terhune - Voice From Hell - AMAZING!!!

    Again, the third year in a row, I have had the PLEASURE of working with Dick Terhune. Simply amazing voice talent. We have been using him for Graystone Haunted Manor, and now Lonesome Valley Farms Hayride. I am just blown away by not only his professionalism, but also how quickly he gets the recordings done, as well as the quality of the recordings! I know I sound like a fanboy, and I sort of am. He has been very affordable, easy to work with, and hits the mark every time.

    If anyone here is looking to have rules, intros, video voiceovers, or anything haunt related read for your attraction, please give him the business, he really is just a great person to work with, and produces quality and fast reads!!

    Thanks again Dick, it was a pleasure, as always, and I can't wait to work with you even more in the future as these haunts grow!!!

    Incase anyone wants his website, its

    and his email (that he answers very quickly) is

    Thanks so much!!! =)!!!


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    If it wan't for the cigerettes, he wouldn't sound like that !!!!!

    Just kidding !!!! Dick does a great job !!!!!!! Happy halloween !!!!!!