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How much moss is 5 lbs of Spanish moss

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  • How much moss is 5 lbs of Spanish moss

    Attached are some pictures of how much moss is 5 lbs and it's coverage.

    Before.JPG Before being picked.
    After.JPG After being picked.
    Before me.JPG Before with me being picked.
    After Me.JPG After with me being picked.
    5 lbs.JPG 5 lb box.

    Hope this helps in trying to figure how much moss 5 lbs covers. Thank you.

    Ron Ortiz

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    Snazzy outfit where can I buy it?


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      Snazzy Outfit

      When ever I take pictures I try to dress impressively. One of my grand kids got it for me from the mall, they know that I like pigs. Shirt is from Gildan, manufactured in Haiti, and imported from Mexico. Shorts are from Bealls, socks by Hanes, and sneakers by Starter.

      The 5 lb box of Spanish moss is compacted to make 5 lbs fit. Box size is 11" x 15" x 16" There is a lot of moss in that box, it spreads out quite well.

      In the pictures of "before" it is clumped together in some areas and intertwined in the branches on the left as you are seeing it. If you go to our site on the "Retail Bag" page you can see a 1 lb mesh bag that is about 14" long, 7" wide and 3" thick.

      If anyone out there has any questions let us know. We are here to serve the haunting community with quality products and great prices with a special discount. See our "Discount for Members" thread on the HauntWorld Forum. Thank you.

      Ron Ortiz