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Length of your haunt?

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  • Length of your haunt?

    I was curious on the length of our haunt.This is what I measured out.1098338_719731221386440_1301044670_n.jpg1098338_719731221386440_1301044670_n.jpg
    Ken L.

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    This is an interesting idea. I'm gonna get a pedometer and walk through the Nightmare.

    But here's something to add to it--how many squre feet--i.e how big is the haunt overall that the path fits in to?

    Yours is almost 507 yards--5 football fields long....but in how many square feet?


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      20 acres

      I have about 3 miles of trails in a maze NON haunted and I shoot for keeping people in it over 45 minutes but not over 1 1/4 hours. But they can find a signed optional exit about every 15 minutes AND I have towers so they can raise hand and ask for help.

      The haunt is one way path NOT a maze but it has many turns so you here screaming around you and you do not see what happens to the groupo in front of you. It is over 1/4 mile but less than 1/3 mile.

      Square feet? 43,560 sq feet/ acre......times 20 acres.

      Wicked Farmer


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        Ravens Grin

        5,000 sq,feet on only a lot 129 feet by 75 feet. Seven physical levels. Tour time 60 to 90 minutes (Or sometimes more)
        Having City parking lots on three sides does help me as does having a cliff on the fourth side with a small river running through the valley and woods across the river with no neighbors.