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  • naming your haunt

    Hello everyone. we are in the process of renaming our haunt. would like to know if you think the words Satan or devil should not be used? such as Devils gate or Satan's Lair.
    Do you think that is a turn off for certain people?
    Thanks Joe
    In Darkness they hunt the living

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    The way I see it, is the door swings both ways.

    1. It'll offend / fend off all the bible thumpers because they're too g/d literal.

    2. These sob's won't be going to a serious haunt anyways :P

    lol's. In all seriousness, I'd probably stay away from them. But there's many successful haunts that have demonic / dark religious words in their names.

    I'd have to say, look around your area, if your "demographic" if that's the word, is full of bible folks, you may want to tame it down a bit. I'm sure you'll still fend off a few that's not so much as serious bible thumpers that still go to church etc, just because of the name.

    However, if your haunt if FILLED with dark religious items, like Devils and very dark demons, well then yeah the name probably isn't going to hurt much.



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      thanks, most i have talked to have said the same thing. keep the devil out of halloween.
      In Darkness they hunt the living


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        Most people don't put much thought into the name of their haunt so its good that you are at least thinking about it. Being in the South in the bible belt we tried hard to keep "satan" out of our haunt. We still have graveyards, we still have demons, etc. however the haunted house industry has a name with it that a lot of churches don't want to take part in, however if you can offer a good scary environment with no cussing, no satanic messages, etc. that still scares all of your customers and keeps up the intensity you will get everyone to come. True story....we had a group of 50 come to our haunt this year for the first time because some of the group was offended that another haunt spray painted some cuss words on the wall and their actors said perverted things so they didn't go back. So something that simple gained me a group of 50! I know some haunts and owners may disagree with me.....but in a small rural area I don't want to turn any potential customer away and especially here where church groups and church members make up probably 50% of my demographic. In a big city or big area this wouldn't be nearly as big of deal and there are plenty of haunts out there that actually got as big as they are by going outside of the normal boundaries, but it just wouldn't work for me. You'll have to decide for yourself what will work for you. Also, with naming your haunt......a few years ago it got a little out of hand with some area haunts running out of creativity......there was terror by the creek, terror by the tracks, terror on the farm, and I think a few more within 30 miles of each other. Everyone was confused on where they were going, which one they were going to and the couple with more "unique" names got more attention. So, make it unique whatever you decide to do and make sure you can get a good domain name that goes with it.


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          Haunt Name-zzz! Yes!

          Before I decided upon Ravens Grin Inn , I made a list of 75 names.
          Then I eliminated the ones that sounded foreign or were maybe difficult for the average person to spell.
          My house was built to be an "Inn"- in 1870 so the "Inn" part came naturally.
          My second choice was "Halloween Inn", but I was planning upon being open year-round (which I have been) so the mere word "Halloween" might lose me potentual customers as their mind connects "halloween VERY strongly to "October", just one month.... but there are 11 MORE!
          After Edgar Allan Poe wrote "The Raven" it then remained the most popular poem in this country for something like the next 140 years!
          How many movies, renditions have been made of this one work?!!
          Everybody seems to know it, many know it very well = free advertising, sort of...
          Putting "Grin" in there makes a minor wonderment for some people , since if you think about it, can a bird ever grin? (Stiff little beak there) So the name is a mind puzzle, yet it all goes toward describing exactly what I wanted to be doing here. Being the master of a spooky atmosphere, yet using much humor (and attempted humor) to take the edge from any fear(s) for nervous customers. Jump-Jerk,scream-Then reset with a laugh, begin again....
          Whe I finally got around to getting a computer then a web site someone else already had bought "Ravens Grin" (speculator?) so my website is "" which sort of accidentaly pointed more business my way with "Haunted" in there. (Thank You Mr. Speculator!)
          Of course the word "INN" gets me e-mails and phone calls looking for a room for the night , which is much fun when I take those calls and I tell them how nobody really spends much time in any room here at night. "?" hahahah!
          I have gotten some new business from these wrong numbers though!


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            I spent a lot of time but eventually found and registered what I think is a good domain name for a haunt. I also went ahead and filed for trademark protection and incorporated using the name. I plan on being around for a long time so I had to come up with a good quality name than I could use in any situation. If I went too extreme in any direction then I may not appeal to a particular group.


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              Use a named demon or a place. Erebus is a place in the underworld in Greek mythology.
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                I would stay away from using Devil or Satan in the name. It's to generic and sounds kinds cheesy. You want your haunt to stand out and be original. Think about some of the successful haunts out there. Original and unique.

                - Edge Of Hell
                - The Bates Motel
                - The Darkness
                - Cutting Edge
                - 13th Floor
                - Headless Horseman

                There is alot in a name. Make it yours. Outside the box, pick a name that you can buy the .com for.


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                  So I Guess...

                  "Beezi & Bubbs Hot Times Liquid-Fire Hot Tub Adventure" would be no good then?


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                    I think more importantly is how common the words used are and how difficult it will be to compete with the top results on search engines with those words. You will want to use search optimization techniques to get your haunt as high on google as possible, so I suggest using words that are easy to work with.

                    AKA watch out for Pirates in your name (pirates of the caribbean would be impossible to compete with).
                    Look for famous movies, events, and productions with the words you plan to use in your name and try to get a name that you can easily rule the internet with...and not confuse anyone in the process.


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                      Thank you everyone for the great advice. the more i thought about it i do want a name that sets us apart from the other haunts in our area.
                      Nightmare Manor
                      House of Pain
                      Haunted House of Rochester
                      Haunted Hayrides Of Rochester
                      These are some of the ones in my area.
                      We have had our name of Nightstalker manor since 2005 but now that we jumped from a home haunt to a pro Charity haunt.
                      Another haunt had a problem with our name because it was to close to theirs. Hence we are going to change it so we have our own identity
                      and no one can confuse us with any haunt in our area.
                      In Darkness they hunt the living


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                        To set yourself from the rest of the pack, to me, the first thing that screams in my head is...

                        stay away from "Haunted, Haunt, Screams, Fear, Halloween, and any other word that contains NIGHT"

                        I have Night Terrors of NEA. NEA is Northeast Arkansas. The thing is, I'd been known, or well my haunted parties / yard haunts have been known as Night Terrors for years... it just has to stick with us.

                        I love and I mean ADORE the name "Erebus" when I heard of that haunted house I was like "they spent time on that name!"

                        Find a latin word substitute for your name for example. Find YOUR Erebus. Try to be a first, it'll be worth it.

                        just my opinion.


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                          "Erebus", owned by Edward & James "Terebus".

                          So they might have not had to research this name very long?
                          Customers do strange things with "names". My last name, "Warfield" has had some customers calling me "Warloch", maybe they have a slight hearing problem? Or a slight hearing problem added to by an over active imagination?
                          OR, maybe it's those vibes I give off?


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                            In re-naming your haunt, do you have any concerns that previous customer's may not know that "Haunt A" is now "Haunt B". Would it be more feasible to go with Haunt A presents....
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                              Well, imo, hopefully a "real" haunt will be advertising in some fashion. If doing it by radio or tv, work that into a version of your ad. If you think your haunt is more terrifying then say something like "formerly known as 'haunt a', now 'haunt b', More terrifying than before! Come see the new nightmare this halloween.... and don't forget your extra undies" ... or to that effect. ya know? A good radio ad actor/actress can have that point across in probably 4 seconds or less. If you have 15 sec budget, that's still a good 11 seconds! That's a lot for a haunt. You're only advertising one thing, Fear and Location.

                              Some folks HATE the thought of changing names. Now, if you want to get away from a bad repor, then well, you have no choice do you. If you just want to improve your haunt and name it more appropriately, then by all means, there's a way to do it successfully. Just don't start advertising as a new haunt. if you have a following, hopefully you have a website or facebook page (hopefully both) and just start advertising ASAP once you know your new title.

                              I've seen it done successfully, so don't let anyone tell you it's not feasable. Believe it or not, some people like change! Some will come just because they know it'll be different.