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  • Facebook Raffle "Bucket of Ears"

    facebook RAFFLE "Bucket of Ears" from Gore Galore

    starting today Jan 11, 2012 and ending Mar 31, 2012.
    Here is how you enter the contest. Just go to facebook and "LIKE" us then "Share" the raffle post and our company with ALL your friends.
    Make sure you share this post publicly and make sure you like the Gore Galore page so it will be public to the admin and then you will be entered in the contest. On Apr 1st we will announce the randomly selected winner.
    Good Luck and thank you for your support and participation.
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    Kevin R. Alvey
    info at


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    Love the bucket of ears prop. It's great to see you doing promotions but are you trying to attract the general public? I ask this because if I owned a haunt I personally wouldn't want my customers or general public to know where I buy my stuff. It's kind of like a trade secret. I know for me if would take away from the experience if while I'm promoting what's new prior to opening for the season if any Tom, Dick, or Harry will responds back "cool that's the new Gore Galore prop, or that's that new monster from Scarefactory go to their website to see the video now". It would kill the excitement a bit.

    I know anyone can do a web search and find all the stuff Haunters use but fortunately most customers and potential customers are "in the dark" and even though you've sold dozens of your props all over the country the guests in each market might think its something unique that they couldnt buy themselves.

    Just thinking out loud.



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      I totally get where you are coming from.
      but NO,
      I do not advertise to the general public.

      You are welcome to go through my friends lists and the Gore Galore likes. You will see that most of these individuals are market related. Ie haunt owners, actors at haunts, other vendors, sculptors, etc... People who have a real interest in Haunted Houses. You know we are a high end supplier. And day to day folks just do not have a desire to own the types of products we produce.
      So, I really don't think that is something we have to worry too much about. Plus our reach is pretty narrow.

      Now, if you purchased props from Walmart, or some other national chain stores, You might have a problem.
      Kevin R. Alvey
      info at