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  • in need of some feedback

    Okay so here's the deal. Iv'e got to sort of come clean about my current situation. Not that it's bad or anything, its just.. depressing and ive totally been in denial about it all for a while now. But being the new year, time to move on and wipe things clean, and start anew and all that jazz.

    Last year was a rough one, my business partner (the one with the $$) backed out on me, and my parents went bankrupt and backed out of paying for my fx/creature design education. Yea.... it kinda totally sucked.

    So, this all leaves me in a weird place, I know I want a career in fx and creature design, but i'm completely self taught at this point. Maybe eventually i'll afford school, but thats not really where I want to go with this post.

    I've decided to continue to work on my skills at home, the same as i have been for a while now. I'm not focused on starting a business here, just on improving my abilities until one day i get my life aligned a little more.

    SO... without further adue, my first project with no real purpose! whatcha think?


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    good job !!
    I'm only doing this to impress 2 people ... The fire marshal and the customer that's it !!!


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      I really like it! You have a talent for sure!!!!


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        hey thanks guys, i appreciate the positive feedback!

        Im really hoping to just continue sculpting on random projects for now until i get a little better.

        maybe since i cant afford fx schooling i should try and take an art class at the community college? idk... ive never even taken an art class a day in my life haha (other than my college electives but i took theater and music class options over art haha) and the only sculpting training/learning i did was with a friend of mine, who is an fx makeup artist, but she basically just told me how to smooth-out the clay with alcohol to remove the tool marks... other than that its all just been "playing around"


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          That make a sick mask! Great work man!
          Senior Operator of Forest Of Fear at The Utica Zoo
          Visions Of Fear Productions


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            Maybe more stitches on the sides? Use your passion for FXs and talent to get some masks at TWs you aren't that far and the going price for a good latex mask is like $500 That should help with class costs.


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              It looks really good! Great work!
              Chris Riehl


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                I'm thinking about MAYBE transworld eventually... i'd really like to see better quality work out of myself first, and a lot more potential products to sell before i ever consider becoming a vendor. i just dont feel like what i would have to offer would justify the investment it would take to display at transworld right now by any means. It is in my somewhat foreseeable future though... maybe another year or two of tinkering away at this kinda stuff. Right now i'm just focused on self improvement lol, i think everything else will fall into place a little easier when its the right time.

                I should have a finished version of this sculpt up for comments in a few weeks though! im using this project to work on some pretty awesome hair work and UV pigment mixing techniques... going for more of the "otherworldy glow" look than bright-ass UV lol.


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                  Sick mask!

                  Besides the classes at your local community center, check out the art school at the big city closest to you. They might offer one-day seminars for cheap or free. I think that any kind of class that you can take can help you. You never know where inspiration will come from. And, any kind of art class can benefit your mask design- the principles of line and shadow that you learn in a drawing class would certainly apply to your mask design, right?