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How to create this look?

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  • How to create this look?

    Almost Christmas and here I am wondering how can I give an actor this look and still allow her to see?
    Is it possible?witch eyes.gif

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    On black out eyes you use something like black nylon to see though. It maybe possible to use a tan or nude coloring to also see through???


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      Is that character..

      Supposed to be able to "see?" If they memorize the stage and count steps and maybe could get a little help if needed from other actors near them, like whisperings, maybe a small amount of vision could work then?
      Pin holes in latex, close enough to the eye can give a fair amount of vision. The eye lashes may have to be slightly trimmed though.


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        If you design the appliance or mask so it has heavy scarring or folds of flesh where the eyes are located you could hide the eye holes, to certain degree in the shadows of the folds. Sight would still be limited, but good enough for an actor to move around. If you are looking to have something custom made, I'd be willing to take a shot at it.
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          Thank you! I have lots of clay and latex here and several days off. I will play with it for a week and see what happens.
          Appreciate the tips!!


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            There's one thing about it though! Man if you make that character right.... she'll be the talk of the haunt! Especially if you make her eyes GREAT, and add lighting to her so the guests will be able to see w/o a doubt her eyes are that creepy, they'll all be asking "Is that a mask?" "Holy crap thats sick, but how can she see"

            Just be sure to put her in a safe area with a blockade that won't trip the actor. When I had one of my yard haunts I had volunteers tripping over tombstones etc with their poor vision masks on. EZ to misstep, but of course you know that already I'm sure.


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              We had 3 almost blind paleman squirming on the floor last season. We have great volunteers who are up for almost anything. I just need to give them a little vision.
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                Your Palemen turned out awesome, woo hoo! I've been MIA for so long I feel out of touch ith everyone!

                My first thought was pantihose cut into a fairly large piece, loosely bunched to give the folded effect, with some latex. I would make them as appliances and then apply when needed. Pantihose normally will not completely fill with latex, but not sure to what degree of actual visibility you would get. Second thought would be nylon screen with a tight weave, again allowing it to bunch up and then giving it a layer or two of tissues and latex for the right texture. I think the visibility would be greater this way, but might compromise the look. Not sure. It would definitely be super cool if you could get it right and still see fairly well enough to move about.

                Good luck to you!! Hope your Christmas was spooktacular!