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  • Back On The Treadmill.

    For real.
    A real workout machine, third day in a row now, feeling better because of it too.
    When it gets real busy here I don't need to consider much planned exercise but winter is slow enough here that my body really suffers and needs the workout.
    I lead the customers all the way through my house all year long, except beginning around the middle of September when we begin needing some help.
    One busy night I counted 119 trips that I made going up just the stairs to the second floor! The tour route at that time was abit redundant, looping itself a few times. This wasn't counting the trips made that night up the attic steps or the basement steps or the wine cellar steps, either!
    It's 46 steps to go from the wine cellar to the second floor!
    Some people were very much in love with that old tour, surprising them as they would suddenly be back in a room they had already been in!
    I disorient many people when they are here. As I am waiting for them in my backyard maze I hear at least 75% of them say:"We must be in the basement now!" Then Mr. Moon glances down at them and they usually know they are now out side! (Or my Wind & Rain& Snow effects are top-notch?)

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    You DO have some of the best rain and snow effects in the industry!

    What do you make that stuff out of? Dihydrogen monoxide?

    -- I


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      Yes! Don't forget the Jim Warfield Exercise Gym! Overseen by our world reknowned top prowler trainer Mr. Tuxedo, Jim's Gym will give you a TRUE workout! Why stand in place pumping up and down on a stupid exercise machine when you can exercise in a carefully crafted replica of the game of Chutes & Ladders? 16 years in the design and making, you will be goingup and down stairs, up and down stairs, up and down stairs, hidden trapdoors, slides, and more! You will exercise your fear muscles as Jim shows you what exercise and terror really can and truly be!

      don't delay, order YOUR ticket through the car window today!
      The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.