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    I never frequent the Haunted Attraction web site and I can’t post on the message board because my IP address is blocked! A friend heard me talk about TW coming to Vegas next year and forwarded Leonard’s blog from his website. I was alittle confused to say the least.

    First it sounded pretty good. He stated how great the show was. In fact he had to Overnight stuff in because he ran out!!! It was sounding like Mr. Pickel was seeing the light that he could merely attend a show and be thankful it was successful for him…. That’s what I thought….

    Then in typical fashion he begins to slam TW, trying desperately to twist it o the benefit of his own show….. didn’t he just say he SOLD OUT of everything????

    Why is it that TW doesn’t feel it is necessary to slam HC or MWHC or Ironstock or Haunt X to be successful? MWHC and Ironstock have never found it necessary to slam anyone to run their show? In fact only TWO shows have found it necessary to try and succeed by slamming the competition, HC and Haunt X. Haunt X will never have a chance to see the error of its way since it shut down so what’s with HC?

    Maybe Mr. Pickel has forgotten how he got where he is today. He would never had been able to sell his magazine had it not been for TW. He would never have been able to claim to be a expert and a consultant had TW not let him speak at their tradeshow. HC would not have any vendors at all if he was not allowed to roam the aisles of TW and recruit them.

    So why on earth would he find it necessary to “bite the hand that has fed him”???

    I find it in extremely bad taste to be so hypocritical. I also find it offensive that Mr. Pickel finds to necessary to distort facts and when necessary invent facts to push his cause. To quote Mr. Pickel, “And will the people who attend the convention make it to the show floor at all with so many outside distractions. And if they do, will they stop to talk to exhibitors or be rushing off to a show or to gamble.”

    How stupid does he think people are??? Vegas is the NUMBER ONE CONVENTION DESTINATION IN THE WORLD. Can I say it any clearer?? We host more conventions in one month than most places will in a year. Would these thousands of companies spend millions of dollars if all the conventioneers were “…rushing off to a show or to gamble.”?????

    The show floor closes at 5pm. Everyone will still walk the show floor until 5pm. The difference between TW Chicago and TW Vegas will be what happened AFTER the show floor closes. In Chicago we had to wait hours to get something to eat at only a few dinner choices, then you hung out at the Crowne because it cost to much to actually go into Chicago. Now after 5pm you will have untold choices for dinner, and then yes… you can actually run off to a show or gamble!!!!

    If someone claims to be the publisher of a magazine you would think they would check facts instead of create their own to serve their own agenda. Maybe Mr. Pickel has a new promising career… news director for FOX News!!! Vegas is the number 1 convention site for good reasons. I look forward to welcoming the Haunters to MY city!!
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

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    I know someone will say 'oh no not again' LOL but c'mon man.

    This is just stating a fact... there would be no Haunted Attraction Magazine if it where not for Transworld. Back in those days there was no internet, you couldn't even promote your business without the help of TW's show.

    What other ways existed?

    Leonard owes a lot to TW, heck even today TW allows Leonard to exhibit at their show, where he promotes the HELL out of Hauntcon, and they do this despite all of his rants about how bad TW is.

    The year he launched Hauntcon, he ripped on TW, he ripped on Chicago in general and Rosemont making comments like they rip you off on parking, they almost kill you from exhaust fumes in that car turnaround at the entrance, to all sorts of other petty things.

    Then when asked about TW on that Vampire interview at Horrorfind he basically said TW was NOT a haunted house show rather a retail show and that Hauntcon was the only haunt show. Hmmm... He claims on his blog that he handed out more magazines than ever before, by his claim over 1,500. He's never had half that many peopel attend Hauntcon much less pass out 1,500 magazines at his show, but if TW is a RETAIL show how come he passed out ANY magazines? I mean lets get real why was he EVEN THERE if its a retail show?

    Fact is TW continues to help Haunted Attraction Magazine, and through his magazine being passed out at TW promotes Hauntcon... all the while Leonard makes accusations against TW like 'they lost their dates in Chicago thats why they're moving'. He doesn't know what he's talking about he's making up lies!

    Then he posts on his message board blasting Gregg Steliga? WHY?

    Why does big bad Hauntcon have to SLAM TW to promote Hauntcon?


    Why does he have to SLAM GREGG, who's done nothing but try and help the haunted industry? WHY?

    Why can't LP just thank TW for another great show, and then promote Hauntcon without slamming TW? I don't get it...

    If Hauntcon is so great, why even go to TW at all?

    Its outragous!

    Shame on Leonard for once again showing his TRUE colors and slamming TW! If it wasn't for TW he wouldn't have passed out 1,500 magazines with Hauntcon ads inside would he? He's so ungratefull!

    Its a disgrace!

    One of these days the guy will learn how to play nice. At this point if TW doesn't re-ban the guy from having a booth, I don't know what to say. I know there is only so much a person can take, and I think he's gone over the limit only about 10,000 times.


    Larry Kirchner


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      I think Transworld should really consider rebanning him. Im not sure how much if any people that run Transworld come to read on this haunted house boards like Haunt World and Haunted Attraction. But they really should read some of these posts. Like Larry said its just being ungrateful. And trying to say Hauntcon is better is a complete and utter lie. I mean he has maybe 40 vendors listed even coming to this thing. And if he cant draw more than a sorry 1500 people or less he needs to hang it up. Leonard has been afraid to bring Hauntcon to the midwest. Watch him move it near or in Chicago next year. LOL! He has bashed Chicago and Transworld for being in the winter months. You watch! I didnt get to ask him or much less talk to him at the show. I really didnt care to other than to ask him where he was planning on having Hauntcon next year. But you watch he will set up shop somewhere in the midwest. Possibly bump up the date maybe even before Transworld. But if anything he will set up shop in the mid-west unless he has it in stone somewhere else which I doubt. This guy needs to really pull his head out his a**!
      Damon Carson


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        I would expect him to move the show closer to the time frame of Transworld and try to knock off the haunt vendors by telling them lies about Transworld, and well stating some other things that may have some truth to them.

        He's already made statements that haunters won't be going to Vegas, he also said the best thing that ever happened to Hauntcon was TW moving to Vegas... he's just not a nice person.

        TW allowed him to vend at their show, and every chance he gets he slams them... wow what a way to promote your tradeshow and show your appreciation for the company that built up your magazine.

        I read both his slanderous blog, and his MEAN spirited post on his message board and just scratch my head.

        You know some of the things I agree with him on... but I don't think he needs to be the one saying them, because he has to assume that everyone will think he's saying to slam TW.

        From my understanding many things about Vegas TW will be different, and maybe not for the better, who knows.

        But at the end of the day going to the TW show is about finding the best new products your industry has to offer. Correct? Can someone name a place other than TW to find these products?

        As Scarefactory ever exhibited at Hauntcon? Has Unit 70? Does Ghost Ride or Fright Props exhibit any longer? The answer is no, no and no.

        There is a reason for it... buyers go to TW and people who want to see a haunt in operation out of season go to Hauntcon. Personally I think if he could clean up his act by not slamming TW, Improve his seminars, etc Hauntcon could probably be a great event. There is nothing wrong with Hauntcon, there is nothing wrong with going to Hauntcon, from my understanding its a lot of fun!

        But please don't sell us a bag of goods by saying vendors make a killing, write lots of orders like they do at TW... that would be a flat out lie.

        Transworld is the show for buying new product, period! Maybe TW doesn't have the haunt tours, the garage sales, the horror movies, or the freaky costume balls, but what it does have is BUYERS and SELLERS and the BEST NEW products the industry has to offer.

        Now me being a haunt owner, I'm going to Transworld because my business DEPENDS ON IT!

        I'd actually consider going to Hauntcon if the guy for one time in his life can stop overhyping and stop the bashing of TW.

        NO ONE IS THAT STUPID TO BELIEVE ANYTHING BUT Transworld is the show for buyers and seller not Hauntcon.

        Hauntcon is fun, while TW is for business.

        Well I guess now that TW is in Vegas the so called 'FUN FACTOR' probably just jumped about 1,000 or 2,000 feet.


        Larry Kirchner


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          No show is perfect, TW included. My point is if we think there are concerns about TW let's voice them NOW so they can be addressed. It's one thing to make constructive criticism, quite another to slam for the sake of slamming! Maybe TW of a few years ago would not have listened so easily, but times have changed, management has changed. This is OUR show only IF we support it and suggest changes for the better.

          It’s going to be in Vegas period! Say what conspiracy theory you what to make-up, did anyone actually LOOK downstairs?? They are FULL with no room to expand. We were the only section that could be broke off which is why we were moved upstairs. It only gave them breathing room for a extra couple years. It makes no sense to split costumes up and downstairs or party. How many complaints do you think TW has had to field about weather over the past few years for ALL vendors, not just our little niche??? Look at the room situation this year. If anything else is nearby we have trouble getting rooms!
          It costs a fortune to park your own car at your OWN HOTEL!! There are only a few restaurants that hundreds of people all try and use at the same time. After the show, there is nothing nearby. Any entertainment is miles away. These are all problems TW does NOT create and has no control over.

          Moving to Vegas solves ALL those mentioned problems, period!! It insults me and MY city when LP has to “create” controversy just to sell his own show. Smartass cracks like “Oh well any excuse to do Vegas”, “Vendors will have problems with everyone leaving to go to shows and gamble.” “Vendors won’t bring product all the way to Vegas.” Haunters won’t go all the way to Vegas.” EXCUSE ME! Do a little fact finding first. I talked to vendors. I didn’t find one who said they would not attend TW Vegas! I did not find one vendor that said he would take fewer items. Scarefactory who brings the most stuff and is a couple hours from Chicago has no intention of paring down. Now instead of driving, they merely ship it!

          Remember this show is not created purely for the convenience of the Haunters. This is a PARTY, COSTUME and HALLOWEEN Show! Those HUNDREDS of vendors have no qualm with going to Vegas. They are used to going there. They already attend other major shows there. It is “Convention Central”.

          If we really have concerns, let’s voice them now and give TW a chance to address them. People I talked to were most concerned about losing the networking (OK partying ) at the Crowne. Don’t just complain, react! TW IS reacting. Gregg called me and asked if there was a way, being a local that I could scope out a new location for the Haunters Hangout! If it is designated before hand, you won’t have to worry about Haunters being spread out all over Vegas. SO with all the other major concerns, Gregg is asking where the Haunters could socialize! Yet someone like LP sits back and slams them trying to create controversy…”…in reality they just lost the dates in Rosemont.” Is he privy to all the negotiations TW does? They do other shows and may very well still work with Rosemont on other shows. There has been serious talk of moving to Vegas four or more years ago. It was certainly NOT a last minute decision. You don’t move an entire show on a whim!!

          So what are YOUR concerns??? Let’s be realistic. I really didn’t want TW here, it’s NO vacation for me!!! But I’ve accepted it, (goodbye Chicago pizza! Goodbye Italian Beef sandwich!!) Voice your concerns, fix things! Don’t just sit back and slam them for your own benefit!
          R&J Productions
          Las Vegas, NV


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            Well, since I got to spend an extra night in Chicago due to the weather, I had an opportunity to speak with a LARGE downstairs vendor. He expressed some concerns about getting buyers back onto the show floor after a night on the town. His concern was that it wasn't that bad when everything in Chicago closed at 2am. Vegas doesn't close! :lol: But I also think you are right when you say that the serious buyers will be on the floor because that is their business.

            I haven't heard much discussion about Dru's comment that the Sand's wasn't very vendor friendly. Any insight on this Rich?


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              I haven't personally done a booth at the Sands, maybe if Dru is still scouring the boards he might comment. Bloody Mary has done the ASD show there several times, maybe she has some insight. The Sands is huge, but access is limited, but then again except for being upstairs, the Rosemont was a real pain to get in and out of.

              I'll ask around. Any other vendors have previous Sands experience???
              R&J Productions
              Las Vegas, NV


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                Well far as Gambling Vegas never closes but there are a few misconceptions on that too. The last time I went out there with my friend who had just turned 21. We basically became vampires while we were there. We slept all day and went out all night. We went to the casinos but we tried like going up the tower at the Stratosphere. It closes at a certain time. The worlds largest buffet at the Rio doesnt stay open all night. You cant go up in the Eiffel tower at Paris after a certain time. Ect Ect Ect. There are alot of things you think would be open when there not. So I say its a big misconception on Vegas never sleeps. Yes some of it does. But ya if you wanna stay out all night and gamble you can. I dont think many vendors would waste there time in a casino all night when they have to be on the showroom floor promptly to demonstrate and sell there products. Some may but I just dont see Vegas turning into a large problem having the show out there. Like said earlier the show ends at 5 you have all evening then to eat, drink, gamble, take in a show whatever. Far as drinking I cant remember if there are hours they stop selling alcohol in Vegas or the casinos? Cant remember its been almost 6yrs since I was last out there. I guess I really need to go to Vegas again huh! Transworld is more than a good excuse. I need to visit my family again.
                Damon Carson


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                  Is it time for the spring pickel bashing? My pickle whacking stick is still in the shop! Darn!
                  If what Leonard Pickel says and does is detrimental to the industry, then these continuous rants are equally detrimental in that they highlight a certain maturity, or lack there of, that we can’t seem to out grow in this industry.
                  I think everyone has posted their option about TW moving to Vegas in an earlier post.
                  Now, it really is up to the wheels of commerce to see if it is a good or bad thing. And, like all our options; mine, yours, Leonard’s, Larry’s, Moe’s and Curly’s, none of them will effect the out come of that event. The ebb and flow of the almighty dollar will make that call.
                  So, let us learn to play like adults by passing our options when we feel we have to, and moving on.
                  Louis Brown
                  Owner, operator, and dish washer
                  DarkWood Manor


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                    I couldn't agree with you more...

                    But somethings left unchallenged sometimes go through as truth. I'm not wanting to Pickel bash, I wish the guy wouldn't have ripped on TW yet again! I think its tacky and unprofessional.

                    I think anyone who reads his latest tirade against TW ang Gregg, would agree it was uncalled for.

                    I think someone needed to set the record straight that what he's saying just isn't true...

                    I hope that Hauntcon is a success, I hope people come away better than when they went in... I hope the same for MHC and especially Transworld.

                    There is NO need to rip on TW to make Hauntcon look better... is there?

                    There is no need to start false rumors about TW and take shots at Gregg who's done nothing but help our there?

                    But yes, I do agree with you!

                    Larry Kirchner


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                      I don't know. The times that I've talked to Leonard online he has been very nice. I just think that some people get annoyed by change and try to get there point across, but it sometimes comes off wrong. I don't think anyone has a right to complain except for the vendors since Transworld is free after you register. Yeah, it's going to be further away for a lot of people, but I feel that it's going to be bigger and better in Las Vegas.
                      Spooky Wishes

                      City Blood: Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana's #1 Haunt Site!



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                        Transworld tried a Vegas show for at least a few years, many years ago, right?
                        As I remember the venders talking about that Vegas experience it was not good for whatever reason or reasons.
                        Maybe enough things have changed that it will work better ? Time will tell, customers will be voting upon the $ucce$$ of it with their dollars.
                        Leonard and Transworld have helped each other out in the past. What would Leonard be today without being able to speak at Transworld? What would Transworld have been if Leonard hadn't sold Transworld his mailing list of haunts and haunters that he spent years manually compliling before the inter net?
                        Yes, things do change, we all get older and like things not to change (since we figured them out once already!!)
                        Some people get older and find more things in their past to complain about, never finding peace for their own souls, some of us get older and find a new perspective to old problematic situations and say, so what?