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    The area in which I have available to do my haunt, does not have a lot of trees. Is this going to be a problem?

    Let me ask this question, If you had a good sized county fairgrounds, and thought about doing the haunt outdoors instead of in, what would you do?

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    It's all about the weather. If it's not covered, I wouldn't recommend least here in Colorado. Too much snow, rain, wind, cold, etc.

    Does the fairground by any chance have a covered pavillion of some sort? Tents? A stadium? There are options, and perhaps the weather in Minnesota isn't what I'm thinking it is in winter...


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      "No Trees" could also mean too much light from street lights, cars driving passed, business all lit up at night nearby?
      You want to be out there at night to check these things out, you may have to build a light shield between those light sources.
      One disgruntled neighbor to a outdoor haunt erected a tall light tower with powerfull spots zeroed in on his place, even after a judge told him to quit doing it!
      The haunter finally purchased the next door property.


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        Haunter should have aimed BIG MIRRORS back to the house of the person who erected the light towers. Or had huge boom boxes that were solar powered and activated ONLY when the light was shined on them.

        Just a simple application of jujitsu, make the opponent throw themselves on their own strength, give them a fulcrum....
        The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.